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alzabo::runtime::rowcursor(3pm) [debian man page]

Alzabo::Runtime::RowCursor(3pm) 			User Contributed Perl Documentation			   Alzabo::Runtime::RowCursor(3pm)

Alzabo::Runtime::RowCursor - Cursor that returns "Alzabo::Runtime::Row" objects SYNOPSIS
use Alzabo::Runtime::RowCursor; my $cursor = $schema->table('foo')->all_rows; while ( my $row = $cursor->next ) { print $row->select('foo'), " "; } DESCRIPTION
Objects in this class are used to return "Alzabo::Runtime::Row" objects for queries. The cursor does not preload objects but creates them on demand, which is much more efficient. For more details on the rational please see the RATIONALE FOR CURSORS section in Alzabo::Design. INHERITS FROM
"Alzabo::Runtime::Cursor" METHODS
next Returns the next "Alzabo::Runtime::Row" object or undef if no more are available. all_rows Returns all the rows available from the current point onwards. This means that if there are five rows that will be returned when the object is created and you call "next" twice, calling all_rows after it will only return three. reset Resets the cursor so that the next "next" call will return the first row of the set. count Returns the number of rows returned by the cursor so far. next_as_hash Return the next row in a hash, where the hash key is the table name and the hash value is the row object. AUTHOR
Dave Rolsky, <> perl v5.8.8 2007-12-23 Alzabo::Runtime::RowCursor(3pm)

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Alzabo::Runtime::InsertHandle(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation			Alzabo::Runtime::InsertHandle(3pm)

Alzabo::Runtime::InsertHandle - A handle representing an insert SYNOPSIS
my $handle = $table->insert_handle ( columns => [ $table->columns( 'name', 'job' ) ] ); my $faye_row = $handle->insert( values => { name => 'Faye', job => 'HK Pop Chanteuse' } ); my $guesch_row = $handle->insert( values => { name => 'Guesch', job => 'French Chanteuse and Dancer' } ); DESCRIPTION
This object is analogous to a DBI statement handle, and can be used to insert multiple rows into a table more efficiently than repeatedly calling "Alzabo::Runtime::Table->insert()". METHODS
Objects of this class provide one public method: insert This method is used to insert a new row into a table. It accepts the following parameters: * values This should be a hash reference containing the values to be inserted into the table. If no value is given for a primary key column and the column is "sequenced" then the primary key will be auto-generated. If values are not provided for other columns which were given when "Alzabo::Runtime::Table->insert_handle" was called, this method first checks to see if a value was provided for the column when "Alzabo::Runtime::Table->insert_handle" was called. If none was pro- vided, then the column's default value is used. If column values were passed to "Alzabo::Runtime::Table->insert_handle", then these can be overridden by values passed to this method. It is not possible to override column values that were given as SQL functions when "Alzabo::Runtime::Table->insert_handle" was called. This method returns a new "Alzabo::Runtime::Row" object. Throws: "Alzabo::Exception::Logic", "Alzabo::Exception::Params" perl v5.8.8 2007-12-23 Alzabo::Runtime::InsertHandle(3pm)
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