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caca.h(3caca)							      libcaca							     caca.h(3caca)

caca.h - The libcaca public header. SYNOPSIS
Data Structures struct caca_event Handling of user events. struct caca_option Option parsing. struct caca_conio_text_info DOS text area information. Defines #define CACA_API_VERSION_1 #define CACA_MAGIC_FULLWIDTH 0x000ffffe Typedefs typedef struct caca_canvas caca_canvas_t typedef struct caca_dither caca_dither_t typedef struct caca_charfont caca_charfont_t typedef struct caca_font caca_font_t typedef struct caca_file caca_file_t typedef struct caca_display caca_display_t typedef struct caca_event caca_event_t Enumerations enum caca_color { CACA_BLACK = 0x00, CACA_BLUE = 0x01, CACA_GREEN = 0x02, CACA_CYAN = 0x03, CACA_RED = 0x04, CACA_MAGENTA = 0x05, CACA_BROWN = 0x06, CACA_LIGHTGRAY = 0x07, CACA_DARKGRAY = 0x08, CACA_LIGHTBLUE = 0x09, CACA_LIGHTGREEN = 0x0a, CACA_LIGHTCYAN = 0x0b, CACA_LIGHTRED = 0x0c, CACA_LIGHTMAGENTA = 0x0d, CACA_YELLOW = 0x0e, CACA_WHITE = 0x0f, CACA_DEFAULT = 0x10, CACA_TRANSPARENT = 0x20 } enum caca_style { CACA_BOLD = 0x01, CACA_ITALICS = 0x02, CACA_UNDERLINE = 0x04, CACA_BLINK = 0x08 } enum caca_event_type { CACA_EVENT_NONE = 0x0000, CACA_EVENT_KEY_PRESS = 0x0001, CACA_EVENT_KEY_RELEASE = 0x0002, CACA_EVENT_MOUSE_PRESS = 0x0004, CACA_EVENT_MOUSE_RELEASE = 0x0008, CACA_EVENT_MOUSE_MOTION = 0x0010, CACA_EVENT_RESIZE = 0x0020, CACA_EVENT_QUIT = 0x0040, CACA_EVENT_ANY = 0xffff } User event type enumeration. enum caca_key { CACA_KEY_UNKNOWN = 0x00, CACA_KEY_CTRL_A = 0x01, CACA_KEY_CTRL_B = 0x02, CACA_KEY_CTRL_C = 0x03, CACA_KEY_CTRL_D = 0x04, CACA_KEY_CTRL_E = 0x05, CACA_KEY_CTRL_F = 0x06, CACA_KEY_CTRL_G = 0x07, CACA_KEY_BACKSPACE = 0x08, CACA_KEY_TAB = 0x09, CACA_KEY_CTRL_J = 0x0a, CACA_KEY_CTRL_K = 0x0b, CACA_KEY_CTRL_L = 0x0c, CACA_KEY_RETURN = 0x0d, CACA_KEY_CTRL_N = 0x0e, CACA_KEY_CTRL_O = 0x0f, CACA_KEY_CTRL_P = 0x10, CACA_KEY_CTRL_Q = 0x11, CACA_KEY_CTRL_R = 0x12, CACA_KEY_PAUSE = 0x13, CACA_KEY_CTRL_T = 0x14, CACA_KEY_CTRL_U = 0x15, CACA_KEY_CTRL_V = 0x16, CACA_KEY_CTRL_W = 0x17, CACA_KEY_CTRL_X = 0x18, CACA_KEY_CTRL_Y = 0x19, CACA_KEY_CTRL_Z = 0x1a, CACA_KEY_ESCAPE = 0x1b, CACA_KEY_DELETE = 0x7f, CACA_KEY_UP = 0x111, CACA_KEY_DOWN = 0x112, CACA_KEY_LEFT = 0x113, CACA_KEY_RIGHT = 0x114, CACA_KEY_INSERT = 0x115, CACA_KEY_HOME = 0x116, CACA_KEY_END = 0x117, CACA_KEY_PAGEUP = 0x118, CACA_KEY_PAGEDOWN = 0x119, CACA_KEY_F1 = 0x11a, CACA_KEY_F2 = 0x11b, CACA_KEY_F3 = 0x11c, CACA_KEY_F4 = 0x11d, CACA_KEY_F5 = 0x11e, CACA_KEY_F6 = 0x11f, CACA_KEY_F7 = 0x120, CACA_KEY_F8 = 0x121, CACA_KEY_F9 = 0x122, CACA_KEY_F10 = 0x123, CACA_KEY_F11 = 0x124, CACA_KEY_F12 = 0x125, CACA_KEY_F13 = 0x126, CACA_KEY_F14 = 0x127, CACA_KEY_F15 = 0x128 } Special key values. enum CACA_CONIO_COLORS { CACA_CONIO_BLINK = 128, CACA_CONIO_BLACK = 0, CACA_CONIO_BLUE = 1, CACA_CONIO_GREEN = 2, CACA_CONIO_CYAN = 3, CACA_CONIO_RED = 4, CACA_CONIO_MAGENTA = 5, CACA_CONIO_BROWN = 6, CACA_CONIO_LIGHTGRAY = 7, CACA_CONIO_DARKGRAY = 8, CACA_CONIO_LIGHTBLUE = 9, CACA_CONIO_LIGHTGREEN = 10, CACA_CONIO_LIGHTCYAN = 11, CACA_CONIO_LIGHTRED = 12, CACA_CONIO_LIGHTMAGENTA = 13, CACA_CONIO_YELLOW = 14, CACA_CONIO_WHITE = 15 } DOS colours. enum CACA_CONIO_CURSOR { CACA_CONIO__NOCURSOR = 0, CACA_CONIO__SOLIDCURSOR = 1, CACA_CONIO__NORMALCURSOR = 2 } DOS cursor modes. enum CACA_CONIO_MODE { CACA_CONIO_LASTMODE = -1, CACA_CONIO_BW40 = 0, CACA_CONIO_C40 = 1, CACA_CONIO_BW80 = 2, CACA_CONIO_C80 = 3, CACA_CONIO_MONO = 7, CACA_CONIO_C4350 = 64 } DOS video modes. Functions __extern caca_canvas_t * caca_create_canvas (int, int) Initialise a libcaca canvas. __extern int caca_manage_canvas (caca_canvas_t *, int(*)(void *), void *) Manage a canvas. __extern int caca_unmanage_canvas (caca_canvas_t *, int(*)(void *), void *) unmanage a canvas. __extern int caca_set_canvas_size (caca_canvas_t *, int, int) Resize a canvas. __extern int caca_get_canvas_width (caca_canvas_t const *) Get the canvas width. __extern int caca_get_canvas_height (caca_canvas_t const *) Get the canvas height. __extern uint32_t const * caca_get_canvas_chars (caca_canvas_t const *) Get the canvas character array. __extern uint32_t const * caca_get_canvas_attrs (caca_canvas_t const *) Get the canvas attribute array. __extern int caca_free_canvas (caca_canvas_t *) Free a libcaca canvas. __extern int caca_rand (int, int) Generate a random integer within a range. __extern char const * caca_get_version (void) Return the libcaca version. __extern int caca_gotoxy (caca_canvas_t *, int, int) Set cursor position. __extern int caca_wherex (caca_canvas_t const *) Get X cursor position. __extern int caca_wherey (caca_canvas_t const *) Get Y cursor position. __extern int caca_put_char (caca_canvas_t *, int, int, uint32_t) Print an ASCII or Unicode character. __extern uint32_t caca_get_char (caca_canvas_t const *, int, int) Get the Unicode character at the given coordinates. __extern int caca_put_str (caca_canvas_t *, int, int, char const *) Print a string. __extern int caca_printf (caca_canvas_t *, int, int, char const *,...) Print a formated string. __extern int caca_vprintf (caca_canvas_t *, int, int, char const *, va_list) Print a formated string (va_list version). __extern int caca_clear_canvas (caca_canvas_t *) Clear the canvas. __extern int caca_set_canvas_handle (caca_canvas_t *, int, int) Set cursor handle. __extern int caca_get_canvas_handle_x (caca_canvas_t const *) Get X handle position. __extern int caca_get_canvas_handle_y (caca_canvas_t const *) Get Y handle position. __extern int caca_blit (caca_canvas_t *, int, int, caca_canvas_t const *, caca_canvas_t const *) Blit a canvas onto another one. __extern int caca_set_canvas_boundaries (caca_canvas_t *, int, int, int, int) Set a canvas' new boundaries. __extern int caca_disable_dirty_rect (caca_canvas_t *) Disable dirty rectangles. __extern int caca_enable_dirty_rect (caca_canvas_t *) Enable dirty rectangles. __extern int caca_get_dirty_rect_count (caca_canvas_t *) Get the number of dirty rectangles in the canvas. __extern int caca_get_dirty_rect (caca_canvas_t *, int, int *, int *, int *, int *) Get a canvas's dirty rectangle. __extern int caca_add_dirty_rect (caca_canvas_t *, int, int, int, int) Add an area to the canvas's dirty rectangle list. __extern int caca_remove_dirty_rect (caca_canvas_t *, int, int, int, int) Remove an area from the dirty rectangle list. __extern int caca_clear_dirty_rect_list (caca_canvas_t *) Clear a canvas's dirty rectangle list. __extern int caca_invert (caca_canvas_t *) Invert a canvas' colours. __extern int caca_flip (caca_canvas_t *) Flip a canvas horizontally. __extern int caca_flop (caca_canvas_t *) Flip a canvas vertically. __extern int caca_rotate_180 (caca_canvas_t *) Rotate a canvas. __extern int caca_rotate_left (caca_canvas_t *) Rotate a canvas, 90 degrees counterclockwise. __extern int caca_rotate_right (caca_canvas_t *) Rotate a canvas, 90 degrees counterclockwise. __extern int caca_stretch_left (caca_canvas_t *) Rotate and stretch a canvas, 90 degrees counterclockwise. __extern int caca_stretch_right (caca_canvas_t *) Rotate and stretch a canvas, 90 degrees clockwise. __extern uint32_t caca_get_attr (caca_canvas_t const *, int, int) Get the text attribute at the given coordinates. __extern int caca_set_attr (caca_canvas_t *, uint32_t) Set the default character attribute. __extern int caca_unset_attr (caca_canvas_t *, uint32_t) Unset flags in the default character attribute. __extern int caca_toggle_attr (caca_canvas_t *, uint32_t) Toggle flags in the default character attribute. __extern int caca_put_attr (caca_canvas_t *, int, int, uint32_t) Set the character attribute at the given coordinates. __extern int caca_set_color_ansi (caca_canvas_t *, uint8_t, uint8_t) Set the default colour pair for text (ANSI version). __extern int caca_set_color_argb (caca_canvas_t *, uint16_t, uint16_t) Set the default colour pair for text (truecolor version). __extern uint8_t caca_attr_to_ansi (uint32_t) Get DOS ANSI information from attribute. __extern uint8_t caca_attr_to_ansi_fg (uint32_t) Get ANSI foreground information from attribute. __extern uint8_t caca_attr_to_ansi_bg (uint32_t) Get ANSI background information from attribute. __extern uint16_t caca_attr_to_rgb12_fg (uint32_t) Get 12-bit RGB foreground information from attribute. __extern uint16_t caca_attr_to_rgb12_bg (uint32_t) Get 12-bit RGB background information from attribute. __extern void caca_attr_to_argb64 (uint32_t, uint8_t[8]) Get 64-bit ARGB information from attribute. __extern uint32_t caca_utf8_to_utf32 (char const *, size_t *) Convert a UTF-8 character to UTF-32. __extern size_t caca_utf32_to_utf8 (char *, uint32_t) Convert a UTF-32 character to UTF-8. __extern uint8_t caca_utf32_to_cp437 (uint32_t) Convert a UTF-32 character to CP437. __extern uint32_t caca_cp437_to_utf32 (uint8_t) Convert a CP437 character to UTF-32. __extern char caca_utf32_to_ascii (uint32_t) Convert a UTF-32 character to ASCII. __extern int caca_utf32_is_fullwidth (uint32_t) Tell whether a UTF-32 character is fullwidth. __extern int caca_draw_line (caca_canvas_t *, int, int, int, int, uint32_t) Draw a line on the canvas using the given character. __extern int caca_draw_polyline (caca_canvas_t *, int const x[], int const y[], int, uint32_t) Draw a polyline. __extern int caca_draw_thin_line (caca_canvas_t *, int, int, int, int) Draw a thin line on the canvas, using ASCII art. __extern int caca_draw_thin_polyline (caca_canvas_t *, int const x[], int const y[], int) Draw an ASCII art thin polyline. __extern int caca_draw_circle (caca_canvas_t *, int, int, int, uint32_t) Draw a circle on the canvas using the given character. __extern int caca_draw_ellipse (caca_canvas_t *, int, int, int, int, uint32_t) Draw an ellipse on the canvas using the given character. __extern int caca_draw_thin_ellipse (caca_canvas_t *, int, int, int, int) Draw a thin ellipse on the canvas. __extern int caca_fill_ellipse (caca_canvas_t *, int, int, int, int, uint32_t) Fill an ellipse on the canvas using the given character. __extern int caca_draw_box (caca_canvas_t *, int, int, int, int, uint32_t) Draw a box on the canvas using the given character. __extern int caca_draw_thin_box (caca_canvas_t *, int, int, int, int) Draw a thin box on the canvas. __extern int caca_draw_cp437_box (caca_canvas_t *, int, int, int, int) Draw a box on the canvas using CP437 characters. __extern int caca_fill_box (caca_canvas_t *, int, int, int, int, uint32_t) Fill a box on the canvas using the given character. __extern int caca_draw_triangle (caca_canvas_t *, int, int, int, int, int, int, uint32_t) Draw a triangle on the canvas using the given character. __extern int caca_draw_thin_triangle (caca_canvas_t *, int, int, int, int, int, int) Draw a thin triangle on the canvas. __extern int caca_fill_triangle (caca_canvas_t *, int, int, int, int, int, int, uint32_t) Fill a triangle on the canvas using the given character. __extern int caca_fill_triangle_textured (caca_canvas_t *cv, int coords[6], caca_canvas_t *tex, float uv[6]) Fill a triangle on the canvas using an arbitrary-sized texture. __extern int caca_get_frame_count (caca_canvas_t const *) Get the number of frames in a canvas. __extern int caca_set_frame (caca_canvas_t *, int) Activate a given canvas frame. __extern char const * caca_get_frame_name (caca_canvas_t const *) Get the current frame's name. __extern int caca_set_frame_name (caca_canvas_t *, char const *) Set the current frame's name. __extern int caca_create_frame (caca_canvas_t *, int) Add a frame to a canvas. __extern int caca_free_frame (caca_canvas_t *, int) Remove a frame from a canvas. __extern caca_dither_t * caca_create_dither (int, int, int, int, uint32_t, uint32_t, uint32_t, uint32_t) Create an internal dither object. __extern int caca_set_dither_palette (caca_dither_t *, uint32_t r[], uint32_t g[], uint32_t b[], uint32_t a[]) Set the palette of an 8bpp dither object. __extern int caca_set_dither_brightness (caca_dither_t *, float) Set the brightness of a dither object. __extern float caca_get_dither_brightness (caca_dither_t const *) Get the brightness of a dither object. __extern int caca_set_dither_gamma (caca_dither_t *, float) Set the gamma of a dither object. __extern float caca_get_dither_gamma (caca_dither_t const *) Get the gamma of a dither object. __extern int caca_set_dither_contrast (caca_dither_t *, float) Set the contrast of a dither object. __extern float caca_get_dither_contrast (caca_dither_t const *) Get the contrast of a dither object. __extern int caca_set_dither_antialias (caca_dither_t *, char const *) Set dither antialiasing. __extern char const *const * caca_get_dither_antialias_list (caca_dither_t const *) Get available antialiasing methods. __extern char const * caca_get_dither_antialias (caca_dither_t const *) Get current antialiasing method. __extern int caca_set_dither_color (caca_dither_t *, char const *) Choose colours used for dithering. __extern char const *const * caca_get_dither_color_list (caca_dither_t const *) Get available colour modes. __extern char const * caca_get_dither_color (caca_dither_t const *) Get current colour mode. __extern int caca_set_dither_charset (caca_dither_t *, char const *) Choose characters used for dithering. __extern char const *const * caca_get_dither_charset_list (caca_dither_t const *) Get available dither character sets. __extern char const * caca_get_dither_charset (caca_dither_t const *) Get current character set. __extern int caca_set_dither_algorithm (caca_dither_t *, char const *) Set dithering algorithm. __extern char const *const * caca_get_dither_algorithm_list (caca_dither_t const *) Get dithering algorithms. __extern char const * caca_get_dither_algorithm (caca_dither_t const *) Get current dithering algorithm. __extern int caca_dither_bitmap (caca_canvas_t *, int, int, int, int, caca_dither_t const *, void const *) Dither a bitmap on the canvas. __extern int caca_free_dither (caca_dither_t *) Free the memory associated with a dither. __extern caca_charfont_t * caca_load_charfont (void const *, size_t) __extern int caca_free_charfont (caca_charfont_t *) __extern caca_font_t * caca_load_font (void const *, size_t) Load a font from memory for future use. __extern char const *const * caca_get_font_list (void) Get available builtin fonts. __extern int caca_get_font_width (caca_font_t const *) Get a font's standard glyph width. __extern int caca_get_font_height (caca_font_t const *) Get a font's standard glyph height. __extern uint32_t const * caca_get_font_blocks (caca_font_t const *) Get a font's list of supported glyphs. __extern int caca_render_canvas (caca_canvas_t const *, caca_font_t const *, void *, int, int, int) Render the canvas onto an image buffer. __extern int caca_free_font (caca_font_t *) Free a font structure. __extern int caca_canvas_set_figfont (caca_canvas_t *, char const *) load a figfont and attach it to a canvas __extern int caca_set_figfont_smush (caca_canvas_t *, char const *) set the smushing mode of the figfont rendering __extern int caca_set_figfont_width (caca_canvas_t *, int) set the width of the figfont rendering __extern int caca_put_figchar (caca_canvas_t *, uint32_t) paste a character using the current figfont __extern int caca_flush_figlet (caca_canvas_t *) flush the figlet context __extern caca_file_t * caca_file_open (char const *, const char *) Open a file for reading or writing. __extern int caca_file_close (caca_file_t *) Close a file handle. __extern uint64_t caca_file_tell (caca_file_t *) Return the position in a file handle. __extern size_t caca_file_read (caca_file_t *, void *, size_t) Read data from a file handle. __extern size_t caca_file_write (caca_file_t *, const void *, size_t) Write data to a file handle. __extern char * caca_file_gets (caca_file_t *, char *, int) Read a line from a file handle. __extern int caca_file_eof (caca_file_t *) Tell whether a file handle reached end of file. __extern ssize_t caca_import_canvas_from_memory (caca_canvas_t *, void const *, size_t, char const *) Import a memory buffer into a canvas. __extern ssize_t caca_import_canvas_from_file (caca_canvas_t *, char const *, char const *) Import a file into a canvas. __extern ssize_t caca_import_area_from_memory (caca_canvas_t *, int, int, void const *, size_t, char const *) Import a memory buffer into a canvas area. __extern ssize_t caca_import_area_from_file (caca_canvas_t *, int, int, char const *, char const *) Import a file into a canvas area. __extern char const *const * caca_get_import_list (void) Get available import formats. __extern void * caca_export_canvas_to_memory (caca_canvas_t const *, char const *, size_t *) Export a canvas into a foreign format. __extern void * caca_export_area_to_memory (caca_canvas_t const *, int, int, int, int, char const *, size_t *) Export a canvas portion into a foreign format. __extern char const *const * caca_get_export_list (void) Get available export formats. __extern caca_display_t * caca_create_display (caca_canvas_t *) Attach a caca graphical context to a caca canvas. __extern caca_display_t * caca_create_display_with_driver (caca_canvas_t *, char const *) Attach a specific caca graphical context to a caca canvas. __extern char const *const * caca_get_display_driver_list (void) Get available display drivers. __extern char const * caca_get_display_driver (caca_display_t *) Return a caca graphical context's current output driver. __extern int caca_set_display_driver (caca_display_t *, char const *) Set the output driver. __extern int caca_free_display (caca_display_t *) Detach a caca graphical context from a caca backend context. __extern caca_canvas_t * caca_get_canvas (caca_display_t *) Get the canvas attached to a caca graphical context. __extern int caca_refresh_display (caca_display_t *) Flush pending changes and redraw the screen. __extern int caca_set_display_time (caca_display_t *, int) Set the refresh delay. __extern int caca_get_display_time (caca_display_t const *) Get the display's average rendering time. __extern int caca_get_display_width (caca_display_t const *) Get the display width. __extern int caca_get_display_height (caca_display_t const *) Get the display height. __extern int caca_set_display_title (caca_display_t *, char const *) Set the display title. __extern int caca_set_mouse (caca_display_t *, int) Show or hide the mouse pointer. __extern int caca_set_cursor (caca_display_t *, int) Show or hide the cursor. __extern int caca_get_event (caca_display_t *, int, caca_event_t *, int) Get the next mouse or keyboard input event. __extern int caca_get_mouse_x (caca_display_t const *) Return the X mouse coordinate. __extern int caca_get_mouse_y (caca_display_t const *) Return the Y mouse coordinate. __extern enum caca_event_type caca_get_event_type (caca_event_t const *) Return an event's type. __extern int caca_get_event_key_ch (caca_event_t const *) Return a key press or key release event's value. __extern uint32_t caca_get_event_key_utf32 (caca_event_t const *) Return a key press or key release event's Unicode value. __extern int caca_get_event_key_utf8 (caca_event_t const *, char *) Return a key press or key release event's UTF-8 value. __extern int caca_get_event_mouse_button (caca_event_t const *) Return a mouse press or mouse release event's button. __extern int caca_get_event_mouse_x (caca_event_t const *) Return a mouse motion event's X coordinate. __extern int caca_get_event_mouse_y (caca_event_t const *) Return a mouse motion event's Y coordinate. __extern int caca_get_event_resize_width (caca_event_t const *) Return a resize event's display width value. __extern int caca_get_event_resize_height (caca_event_t const *) Return a resize event's display height value. __extern int caca_getopt (int, char *const [], char const *, struct caca_option const *, int *) __extern char * caca_conio_cgets (char *str) DOS conio.h cgets() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_clreol (void) DOS conio.h clreol() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_clrscr (void) DOS conio.h clrscr() equivalent. __extern int caca_conio_cprintf (const char *format,...) DOS conio.h cprintf() equivalent. __extern int caca_conio_cputs (const char *str) DOS conio.h cputs() equivalent. __extern int caca_conio_cscanf (char *format,...) DOS stdio.h cscanf() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_delay (unsigned int) DOS dos.h delay() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_delline (void) DOS conio.h delline() equivalent. __extern int caca_conio_getch (void) DOS conio.h getch() equivalent. __extern int caca_conio_getche (void) DOS conio.h getche() equivalent. __extern char * caca_conio_getpass (const char *prompt) DOS conio.h getpass() equivalent. __extern int caca_conio_gettext (int left, int top, int right, int bottom, void *destin) DOS conio.h gettext() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_gettextinfo (struct caca_conio_text_info *r) DOS conio.h gettextinfo() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_gotoxy (int x, int y) DOS conio.h gotoxy() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_highvideo (void) DOS conio.h highvideo() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_insline (void) DOS conio.h insline() equivalent. __extern int caca_conio_kbhit (void) DOS conio.h kbhit() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_lowvideo (void) DOS conio.h lowvideo() equivalent. __extern int caca_conio_movetext (int left, int top, int right, int bottom, int destleft, int desttop) DOS conio.h movetext() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_normvideo (void) DOS conio.h normvideo() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_nosound (void) DOS dos.h nosound() equivalent. __extern int caca_conio_printf (const char *format,...) DOS stdio.h printf() equivalent. __extern int caca_conio_putch (int ch) DOS conio.h putch() equivalent. __extern int caca_conio_puttext (int left, int top, int right, int bottom, void *destin) DOS conio.h puttext() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio__setcursortype (int cur_t) DOS conio.h _setcursortype() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_sleep (unsigned int) DOS dos.h sleep() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_sound (unsigned int) DOS dos.h sound() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_textattr (int newattr) DOS conio.h textattr() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_textbackground (int newcolor) DOS conio.h textbackground() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_textcolor (int newcolor) DOS conio.h textcolor() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_textmode (int newmode) DOS conio.h textmode() equivalent. __extern int caca_conio_ungetch (int ch) DOS conio.h ungetch() equivalent. __extern int caca_conio_wherex (void) DOS conio.h wherex() equivalent. __extern int caca_conio_wherey (void) DOS conio.h wherey() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_window (int left, int top, int right, int bottom) DOS conio.h window() equivalent. Variables __extern int caca_optind __extern char * caca_optarg __extern int caca_conio_directvideo DOS direct video control. __extern int caca_conio__wscroll DOS scrolling control. Detailed Description Author: Sam Hocevar <> This header contains the public types and functions that applications using libcaca may use. Define Documentation #define CACA_API_VERSION_1 libcaca API version Typedef Documentation typedef struct caca_canvas caca_canvas_t libcaca canvas typedef struct caca_dither caca_dither_t dither structure typedef struct caca_charfont caca_charfont_t character font structure typedef struct caca_font caca_font_t bitmap font structure typedef struct caca_file caca_file_t file handle structure typedef struct caca_display caca_display_t libcaca display context typedef struct caca_event caca_event_t libcaca event structure Enumeration Type Documentation enum caca_event_type This enum serves two purposes: o Build listening masks for caca_get_event(). o Define the type of a caca_event_t. Enumerator: CACA_EVENT_NONE No event. CACA_EVENT_KEY_PRESS A key was pressed. CACA_EVENT_KEY_RELEASE A key was released. CACA_EVENT_MOUSE_PRESS A mouse button was pressed. CACA_EVENT_MOUSE_RELEASE A mouse button was released. CACA_EVENT_MOUSE_MOTION The mouse was moved. CACA_EVENT_RESIZE The window was resized. CACA_EVENT_QUIT The user requested to quit. CACA_EVENT_ANY Bitmask for any event. enum caca_key Special key values returned by caca_get_event() for which there is no printable ASCII equivalent. Enumerator: CACA_KEY_UNKNOWN Unknown key. CACA_KEY_CTRL_A The Ctrl-A key. CACA_KEY_CTRL_B The Ctrl-B key. CACA_KEY_CTRL_C The Ctrl-C key. CACA_KEY_CTRL_D The Ctrl-D key. CACA_KEY_CTRL_E The Ctrl-E key. CACA_KEY_CTRL_F The Ctrl-F key. CACA_KEY_CTRL_G The Ctrl-G key. CACA_KEY_BACKSPACE The backspace key. CACA_KEY_TAB The tabulation key. CACA_KEY_CTRL_J The Ctrl-J key. CACA_KEY_CTRL_K The Ctrl-K key. CACA_KEY_CTRL_L The Ctrl-L key. CACA_KEY_RETURN The return key. CACA_KEY_CTRL_N The Ctrl-N key. CACA_KEY_CTRL_O The Ctrl-O key. CACA_KEY_CTRL_P The Ctrl-P key. CACA_KEY_CTRL_Q The Ctrl-Q key. CACA_KEY_CTRL_R The Ctrl-R key. CACA_KEY_PAUSE The pause key. CACA_KEY_CTRL_T The Ctrl-T key. CACA_KEY_CTRL_U The Ctrl-U key. CACA_KEY_CTRL_V The Ctrl-V key. CACA_KEY_CTRL_W The Ctrl-W key. CACA_KEY_CTRL_X The Ctrl-X key. CACA_KEY_CTRL_Y The Ctrl-Y key. CACA_KEY_CTRL_Z The Ctrl-Z key. CACA_KEY_ESCAPE The escape key. CACA_KEY_DELETE The delete key. CACA_KEY_UP The up arrow key. CACA_KEY_DOWN The down arrow key. CACA_KEY_LEFT The left arrow key. CACA_KEY_RIGHT The right arrow key. CACA_KEY_INSERT The insert key. CACA_KEY_HOME The home key. CACA_KEY_END The end key. CACA_KEY_PAGEUP The page up key. CACA_KEY_PAGEDOWN The page down key. CACA_KEY_F1 The F1 key. CACA_KEY_F2 The F2 key. CACA_KEY_F3 The F3 key. CACA_KEY_F4 The F4 key. CACA_KEY_F5 The F5 key. CACA_KEY_F6 The F6 key. CACA_KEY_F7 The F7 key. CACA_KEY_F8 The F8 key. CACA_KEY_F9 The F9 key. CACA_KEY_F10 The F10 key. CACA_KEY_F11 The F11 key. CACA_KEY_F12 The F12 key. CACA_KEY_F13 The F13 key. CACA_KEY_F14 The F14 key. CACA_KEY_F15 The F15 key. enum CACA_CONIO_COLORS This enum lists the colour values for the DOS conio.h compatibility layer. enum CACA_CONIO_CURSOR This enum lists the cursor mode values for the DOS conio.h compatibility layer. enum CACA_CONIO_MODE This enum lists the video mode values for the DOS conio.h compatibility layer. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for libcaca from the source code. Version 0.99.beta18 Fri Apr 6 2012 caca.h(3caca)
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