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zip_add(3) [debian man page]

ZIP_ADD(3)						     Library Functions Manual							ZIP_ADD(3)

zip_add , - .Nm zip_replace add file to zip archive or replace file in zip archive LIBRARY
libzip (-lzip) SYNOPSIS
#include <zip.h> zip_int64_t zip_add(struct zip *archive, const char *name); "struct zip_source *source" int zip_replace(struct zip *archive, zip_uint64_t index); "struct zip_source *source" DESCRIPTION
The function zip_add adds a file to a zip archive, while zip_replace replaces an existing file in a zip archive. The argument archive specifies the zip archive to which the file should be added. name is the file's name in the zip archive (for zip_add ), while index speci- fies which file should be replaced (for zip_replace ). The data is obtained from the source argument. See the zip_source_* functions cited in SEE ALSO. RETURN VALUES
Upon successful completion, zip_add returns the index of the new file in the archive, and zip_replace returns 0. Otherwise, -1 is returned and the error code in archive is set to indicate the error. EXAMPLES
struct zip_source *s; if ((s=zip_source_buffer(archive, buffer, len)) == NULL || zip_add(archive, name, s) 0) { zip_source_free(s); printf("error adding file: %s0, zip_strerror(archive)); } ERRORS
zip_add and zip_replace fail if: [ZIP_ER_EXISTS] There is already a file called name in the archive. (Only applies to zip_add ). [ZIP_ER_INVAL] source or name are NULL, or index is invalid. [ZIP_ER_MEMORY] Required memory could not be allocated. SEE ALSO
libzip(3), zip_source_file(3), zip_source_filep(3), zip_source_function(3), zip_source_zip(3) AUTHORS
Dieter Baron <> and Thomas Klausner <> NiH March 10, 2009 ZIP_ADD(3)

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ZIP_FDOPEN(3)						     Library Functions Manual						     ZIP_FDOPEN(3)

zip_fdopen - open zip archive using open file descriptor LIBRARY
libzip (-lzip) SYNOPSIS
#include <zip.h> struct zip * zip_fdopen(int fd, int flags, int *errorp); DESCRIPTION
The zip archive specified by the open file descriptor fd is opened and a pointer to a struct zip, used to manipulate the archive, is returned. In contrast to zip_open(3), using the archive can only be opened in read-only mode. The fd argument may not be used any longer after calling The are specified by or'ing the following values, or 0 for none of them. ZIP_CHECKCONS Perform additional consistency checks on the archive, and error if they fail. If an error occurs and errorp is it will be set to the corresponding error code. RETURN VALUES
Upon successful completion zip_fdopen returns a struct zip pointer, and fd should not be used any longer, nor passed to close(2). Otherwise, NULL is returned and *errorp is set to indi- cate the error. In the error case, fd remains unchanged. ERRORS
The file specified by fd is prepared for use by libzip(3) unless: [ZIP_ER_INCONS] Inconsistencies were found in the file specified by path and ZIP_CHECKCONS was specified. [ZIP_ER_INVAL] The flags argument is invalid. Not all zip_open(3) flags are allowed for see DESCRIPTION. [ZIP_ER_MEMORY] Required memory could not be allocated. [ZIP_ER_NOZIP] The file specified by fd is not a zip archive. [ZIP_ER_OPEN] The file specified by fd could not be prepared for use by libzip(3). [ZIP_ER_READ] A read error occurred; see for details. [ZIP_ER_SEEK] The file specified by fd does not allow seeks. SEE ALSO
libzip(3), zip_close(3), zip_error_to_str(3), zip_open(3) AUTHORS
Dieter Baron <> and Thomas Klausner <> NiH February 1, 2010 ZIP_FDOPEN(3)
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