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upscli_upserror - Get current error number for connection SYNOPSIS
#include <upsclient.h> int upscli_upserror(UPSCONN_t *ups); DESCRIPTION
The upscli_upserror() function takes the pointer ups to a UPSCONN_t state structure and returns the value of the internal error number, if any. This is typically used to check for certain error values like UPSCLI_ERR_UNKCOMMAND. That specific error can be used for detecting older versions of upsd(8) which might not support a given command. Some error messages have additional meanings, so you should use upscli_strerror(3) to obtain readable error messages. RETURN VALUE
The upscli_upserror() function returns one of the UPSCLI_ERR_* values from upsclient.h, or 0 if no error has occurred. SEE ALSO
upscli_readline(3), upscli_sendline(3), upscli_strerror(3) Network UPS Tools 05/22/2012 UPSCLI_UPSERROR(3)

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