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now(3)							     Library Functions Manual							    now(3)

now - get current time, in seconds SYNTAX
#include <now.h> datetime_sec now(); DESCRIPTION
now returns the number of real-time seconds that have elapsed since the end of 1969 TAI. SEE ALSO
datetime(3), time(3) now(3)

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datetime(3)						     Library Functions Manual						       datetime(3)

datetime - convert between TAI labels and seconds SYNTAX
#include <datetime.h> void datetime_tai(&dt,t); datetime_sec datetime_untai(&dt); struct datetime dt; datetime_sec t; DESCRIPTION
International Atomic Time, TAI, is the fundamental unit for time measurements. TAI has one label for every second of real time, without complications such as leap seconds. A struct datetime variable, such as dt, stores a TAI label. dt.year is the year number minus 1900; dt.mon is the month number, from 0 (January) through 11 (December); dt.mday is the day of the month, from 1 through 31; dt.hour is the hour, from 0 through 23; dt.min is the minute, from 0 through 59; dt.sec is the second, from 0 through 59; dt.wday is the day of the week, from 0 (Sunday) through 6 (Saturday); dt.yday is the day of the year, from 0 through 365. The datetime library supports more convenient TAI manipulation with the datetime_sec type. A datetime_sec value, such as t, is an integer referring to the tth second after the beginning of 1970 TAI. The first second of 1970 TAI was 0; the next second was 1; the last second of 1969 TAI was -1. The difference between two datetime_sec values is a number of real-time seconds. datetime_tai converts a datetime_sec to a TAI label. datetime_untai reads a TAI label (specifically dt.year, dt.mon, dt.mday, dt.hour, dt.min, and dt.sec) and returns a datetime_sec. SEE ALSO
now(3) datetime(3)
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