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iob_write(3) [debian man page]

iob_write(3)						     Library Functions Manual						      iob_write(3)

iob_write - send I/O batch through callback SYNTAX
#include <iob.h> typedef int64 (*io_write_callback)(int64 s,const void* buf,uint64 n); int64 iob_write(int64 s,io_batch* b,io_write_callback cb); DESCRIPTION
iob_write sends the (rest of) b through the callback cb, passing s as first argument. cb is expected to behave like io_trywrite(2). This interface is intended to send an I/O batch through a filter, for example to encrypt or compress it. If you just want to send an I/O batch to a socket, use iob_send instead. iob_write returns the number of bytes written, 0 if there were no more bytes to be written in the batch, -1 for EAGAIN, or -3 for a perma- nent error (for example "connection reset by peer"). The normal usage pattern is using io_wait to know when a descriptor is writable, and then calling iob_write until it returns 0, -1 or -3. If it returns 0, terminate the loop (everything was written OK). If it returns -1, call io_wait again. If it returned -3, signal an error. NOTE
iob_write will continue to call your callback until it returns an error. So if you are in a state machine, for example a web server using this for SSL support, make sure to write at most n bytes at a time (e.g. 64k) and the next time you are called return -1. Otherwise iob_write might not return until the whole file is served. SEE ALSO
iob_send(3) iob_write(3)

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io_tryread(3)						     Library Functions Manual						     io_tryread(3)

io_tryread - read from a descriptor without blocking SYNTAX
#include <io.h> int io_tryread(int64 fd,char* buf,int64 len); DESCRIPTION
io_tryread tries to read len bytes of data from descriptor fd into buf[0], buf[1], ..., buf[len-1]. (The effects are undefined if len is 0 or smaller.) There are several possible results: o o_tryread returns an integer between 1 and len: This number of bytes was available for immediate reading; the bytes were read into the beginning of buf. Note that this number can be, and often is, smaller than len; you must not assume that io_tryread always succeeds in reading exactly len bytes. o io_tryread returns 0: No bytes were read, because the descriptor is at end of file. For example, this descriptor has reached the end of a disk file, or is reading an empty pipe that has been closed by all writers. o io_tryread returns -1, setting errno to EAGAIN: No bytes were read, because the descriptor is not ready. For example, the descriptor is reading an empty pipe that could still be written to. o io_tryread returns -3, setting errno to something other than EAGAIN: No bytes were read, because the read attempt encountered a persis- tent error, such as a serious disk failure (EIO), an unreachable network (ENETUNREACH), or an invalid descriptor number (EBADF). io_tryread does not pause waiting for a descriptor that is not ready. If you want to pause, use io_waitread or io_wait. You can make io_tryread faster and more efficient by making the socket non-blocking with io_nonblock(). SEE ALSO
io_nonblock(3), io_waitread(3), io_tryreadtimeout(3) io_tryread(3)
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