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fcreate(3) [debian man page]

fCreate(3)							   util/ulocks.h							fCreate(3)

fCreate - create a file lock. SYNOPSIS
#include <util/ulocks.h> NEOERR *fCreate(int *plock, const char *file); ARGUMENTS
plock - place for lock. file - path of file to use as lock. DESCRIPTION
Creates a file lock on named file <file>. The lock is returned in <plock>. MT-Level: Safe. RETURN VALUE
plock - set to lock identifier. SEE ALSO
mCreate(3), fCreate(3), mUnlock(3), fUnlock(3), cBroadcast(3), cSignal(3), fFind(3), cDestroy(3), cCreate(3), mDestroy(3), cWait(3), fLock(3), fDestroy(3), mLock ClearSilver 12 July 2007 fCreate(3)
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