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DPGEN_DFFT(3)						  Alliance - genlib User's Manual					     DPGEN_DFFT(3)

DPGEN_DFFT - Dynamic Flip-Flop with Scan-Path Macro-Generator SYNOPSIS
#include <genlib.h> void GENLIB_MACRO (DPGEN_DFFT, char *modelname, long flags, long N); DESCRIPTION
Generate a N bits dynamic flip-flop with scan-path named modelname. The two latches of this flip-flop are dynamic, i.e. the data is stored in a capacitor. How it works : o scan when set to '1' enables the scan-path mode. Note that in scan-path mode, the wen signal is not effective. o scin : the input of the scan-path. This terminal is different from i0[0]. The scout is q[N-1] (in the following example this is q[31]). o wen when set to '1' enables the writing of the flip-flop. TERMINAL NAMES 1. scan : scan-path mode (input, 1 bit). 2. scin : scan path in (input, 1 bit). 3. wen : write enable (input, 1 bit). 4. ck : clock signal (input, 1 bit). 5. i0 : data input (N bits). 6. q : output (N bits). 7. vdd : power. 8. vss : ground. EXAMPLE
GENLIB_MACRO(DPGEN_DFFT, "model_dfft_32" , F_BEHAV|F_PLACE , 32 ); GENLIB_LOINS( "model_dfft_32" , "instance1_dfft_32" , "scan" , "scin" , "wen" , "ck" , "i0[31:0]" , "q[31:0]" /* a[31] is "scout". */ , "vdd", "vss", NULL ); SEE ALSO
GENLIB_MACRO(3), genlib(1) ASIM
/LIP6 30 July 2004 DPGEN_DFFT(3)

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DPGEN_NOR2MASK(3)					  Alliance - genlib User's Manual					 DPGEN_NOR2MASK(3)

DPGEN_NOR2MASK - Programmable Mask Macro-Generator SYNOPSIS
#include <genlib.h> void GENLIB_MACRO (DPGEN_NOR2MASK, char *modelname, long flags, long N, char *constVal); DESCRIPTION
Generate a N bits conditionnal NOR mask named modelname. How it works : o if the cmd signal is set to '0', the mask is NOT applied, so the whole operator behave like an inverter. o if the cmd signal is set to '1', the mask IS applied, the output is the complemented result of the input value ORed with the mask (suplied by constVal). The constant constVal is given to the macro-generator call, therefore the value cannot be changed afterward : it's hard wired in the opera- tor. A common error is to give a real C constant for the constVal argument. Be aware that it is a character string. TERMINAL NAMES 1. cmd : mask control (1 bit). 2. i0 : input (N bits). 3. q : output (N bits). 4. vdd : power. 5. vss : ground. BEHAVIOR nq <= WITH cmd SELECT not(i0) WHEN '0', not(i0 or X"0000FFFF") WHEN '1'; EXAMPLE
GENLIB_MACRO(DPGEN_NOR2MASK, "model_nor2mask_0000FFFF_32" , F_BEHAV|F_PLACE , 32 , "0x0000FFFF" /* A string! */ ); GENLIB_LOINS( "model_nor2mask_0000FFFF_32" , "instance1_nor2mask_32" , "cmd" , "i0[31:0]" , "q[31:0]" , "vdd", "vss", NULL ); SEE ALSO
GENLIB_MACRO(3), genlib(1) ASIM
/LIP6 30 July 2004 DPGEN_NOR2MASK(3)
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