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cdk_util(3)						     Library Functions Manual						       cdk_util(3)

cdk_util - Cdk utility functions SYNOPSIS
cc [ flag ... ] file ... -lcdk [ library ... ] #include <cdk.h> int CDKgetDirectoryContents ( char *directory, char ***list); int CDKreadFile ( char *filename, char ***info); void alignxy ( WINDOW *window, int *xpos, int *ypos, int boxWidth, int boxHeight); chtype *char2Chtype ( char *string, int *length, int *align); EDisplayType char2DisplayType ( char *string); int checkForLink ( char *line, char *filename); char *chtype2String ( chtype *string); void deleteCursesWindow ( WINDOW *window); void eraseCursesWindow ( WINDOW *window); int getListIndex ( CDKSCREEN *screen, char *title, char **list, int listSize, boolean numbers); char *getString (" CDKSCREEN *screen, char *title, char *label, char *init); int justifyString ( int fieldWidth, int mesglen, int justify); int mode2Filetype ( mode_t fileMode); void moveCursesWindow ( WINDOW *window, int xdiff, int ydiff); int popupDialog ( CDKSCREEN *screen, char **mesg, int mesgCount, char **buttons, int buttonCount); void popupLabel ( CDKSCREEN *win, char **mesg, int count); void popupLabelAttrib ( CDKSCREEN *win, char **mesg, int count, chtype attribute); char *selectFile ( CDKSCREEN *screen, char *title); int setWidgetDimension ( int parentDim, int proposedDim, int adjustment); void stripWhiteSpace ( EStripType stripType, char *string); int viewFile ( CDKSCREEN *screen, char *title, char *filename, char **buttons, int buttonCount); int viewInfo ( CDKSCREEN *screen, char *title, char **info, int size, char **buttons, int buttonCount, boolean interpret); DESCRIPTION
These are utility functions that one may use to initialize, build or customize widgets. AVAILABLE FUNCTIONS
CDKgetDirectoryContents opens and reads the contents of the given directory, filling the array list with the sorted contents of the directory. If the direc- tory cannot be opened then it returns a value of -1. CDKreadFile Read the file filename, load the contents into a dynamically allocated array, storing its address via info. It returns the number of lines read if the file could be opened, -1 otherwise. alignxy Aligns a box on the given window with the height and width given. See cdk_position (3) for the interpretation of the xpos, ypos, boxWidth and boxHeight, parameters. char2Chtype Translate a character string with embedded format markers (e.g., "</X/Y>Blah Blah") to a null-terminated array of chtype's. The length of the array is stored via the length parameter. The align parameter contains justification information (LEFT, CENTER, RIGHT). The caller is responsible for freeing the result. char2DisplayType Lookup the given name in string and return the equivalent display type. See also cdk_display (3). checkForLink Check if the given line is of the form <F=filename> If so, extract the filename from the line, storing it in the filename buffer (which must hold at least CDK_PATHMAX characters). Return nonzero if a filename is extracted. chtype2String Extract the characters and formatting information from a null-terminated array of chtype's string. A dynamically allocated string is returned. deleteCursesWindow Safely delete a given window, i.e., first check if the window parameter is nonnull. eraseCursesWindow Safely erase a given window, i.e., first check if the window parameter is nonnull. getListIndex Display a scrollable list of strings in a dialog, allow the user to select one. Return the index in the list of the value selected. The list parameter contains the strings to display; there are listSize strings in the list. If numbers is true, the displayed list items will be numbered. getString pops up an entry widget with a title supplied by the value of the title parameter, a label supplied by the label parameter, and an initial value supplied by the initialValue parameter. It returns a pointer to the value typed in or NULL if the widget was exited early. justifyString Given a string length mesglen, the available field width fieldWidth and a justification type justify, return the number of characters by which to shift the string. mode2Filetype Given a file protection mode fileMode, return ignoring the file-type bits, i.e., ignoring the corresponding permissions data. moveCursesWindow Move a given window by the amounts in xdiff and ydiff. popupDialog creates a quick pop-up dialog box. Pass in the message in the mesg parameter, the size of the message in the mesgCount parameter, the button labels in the buttons parameter and the number of buttons in the buttonCount parameter. The dialog box will be centered on the screen. popupLabel creates a quick pop-up label widget. The message and the size of the message are passed in via the mesg and count parameters respec- tively. The label widget waits until the user hits a character and is centered on the screen. popupLabelAttrib Display a simple dialog with a list of count message strings mesg. Use the given attribute for the background of the dialog. selectFile Display a file-selection dialog. Return the selected filename, or null if none is selected. The caller should free the return-value. setWidgetDimension This is a helper function used to set the height/width of a widget: - If the proposed dimension proposedDim is FULL or zero, the return value will be parentDim. - If the proposed dimension proposedDim is positive, - and it is larger than parentDim, return proposedDim, - otherwise return proposedDim plus adjustment. - If the proposed dimension proposedDim is negative, the return value will be parentDim plus proposedDim. - Otherwise, the return value will be proposedDim. stripWhiteSpace Strip whitespace from the front and/or back of the given string. The stripType parameter controls the type of stripping done: vFRONT, vBACK or vBOTH. viewFile Read the file specified by filename and display it in a CDKVIEWER window. The title, buttons and buttonCount are applied to the CDKVIEWER window. The viewer shows the contents of the file supplied by the filename value. The buttons on the file viewer are sup- plied by the buttons parameter. It returns the index of the button selected, or -1 if the file does not exist or if the widget was exited early. +----------------+-------------------------------------+ |Strip_Type | Result | +----------------+-------------------------------------+ +----------------+-------------------------------------+ |vFRONT | This tells the function to remove | | | all of the white space from the | | | front of the given string. | +----------------+-------------------------------------+ |vBACK | This tells the function to remove | | | all of the white space from the | | | back of the given string. | +----------------+-------------------------------------+ |vBOTH | This tells the function to remove | | | all of the white space from both | | | the front and the back of the given | | | string. | +----------------+-------------------------------------+ viewInfo Display the list of strings in info in a CDKVIEWER window. The number of strings is given by size. The title, buttons and button- Count are applied to the CDKVIEWER window. SEE ALSO
cdk_dialog (3), cdk_display (3), cdk_position (3), cdk_misc (3). cdk_util(3)
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