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ZRUN(1) 																   ZRUN(1)

zrun - automatically uncompress arguments to command SYNOPSIS
zrun command file.gz [...] DESCRIPTION
Prefixing a shell command with "zrun" causes any compressed files that are arguments of the command to be transparently uncompressed to temp files (not pipes) and the uncompressed files fed to the command. This is a quick way to run a command that does not itself support compressed files, without manually uncompressing the files. The following compression types are supported: gz bz2 Z xz lzma lzo If zrun is linked to some name beginning with z, like zprog, and the link is executed, this is equivalent to executing "zrun prog". BUGS
Modifications to the uncompressed temporary file are not fed back into the input file, so using this as a quick way to make an editor support compressed files won't work. AUTHOR
Copyright 2006 by Chung-chieh Shan <> moreutils 2010-04-28 ZRUN(1)

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ZDIFF(1)						      General Commands Manual							  ZDIFF(1)

zcmp, zdiff - compare compressed files SYNOPSIS
zcmp [ cmp_options ] file1 [ file2 ] zdiff [ diff_options ] file1 [ file2 ] DESCRIPTION
Zcmp and zdiff are used to invoke the cmp or the diff program on files compressed via gzip. All options specified are passed directly to cmp or diff. If only one file is specified, then it is compared to a file with the same name without the .gz extension. If two files are specified, then they are uncompressed if necessary and fed to cmp or diff. The exit status from cmp or diff is preserved. When both files must be uncompressed before comparison, the second is uncompressed to /tmp. In all other cases, zdiff and zcmp use only a pipe. SEE ALSO
cmp(1), diff(1), zmore(1), zgrep(1), znew(1), zforce(1), gzip(1), gzexe(1) BUGS
Messages from the cmp or diff programs refer to temporary filenames instead of those specified. ZDIFF(1)
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