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CLOCKTEST(1)							      Xenomai							      CLOCKTEST(1)

xeno - Wrapper for Xenomai executables SYNOPSIS
xeno [xenomai command] DESCRIPTION
xeno is a wrapper script that hides distribution-specific installation prefixes when running standard Xenomai commands. AUTHOR
The wrapper script xeno and this manpage were initially written by Roland Stigge <> for the Debian project but may be used elsewhere. 2.6.0 2010-14-02 CLOCKTEST(1)

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SWITCHTEST(1)							      Xenomai							     SWITCHTEST(1)

switchtest - Xenomai context switch test SYNOPSIS
switchtest [options] threadspec threadspec... DESCRIPTION
switchtest is part of Xenomai. It can be used to test thread context switches. switchtest creates threads of various types and attempts to switch context between these threads, printing the count of context switches every second. A suitable Xenomai enabled kernel with the respective module (xeno_posix) must be installed. OPTIONS
Each threadspec specifies the characteristics of a thread to be created: threadspec = (rtk|rtup|rtus|rtuo)(_fp|_ufpp|_ufps)*[0-9]* rtk for a kernel-space real-time thread rtup for a user-space real-time thread running in primary mode rtus for a user-space real-time thread running in secondary mode rtuo for a user-space real-time thread oscillating between primary and secondary mode _fp means that the created thread will have the XNFPU bit armed (only valid for rtk) _ufpp means that the created thread will use the FPU when in primary mode0valid for rtus) _ufps means that the created thread will use the FPU when in secondary mode (invalid for rtk and rtup) [0-9]* specifies the ID of the CPU where the created thread will run, 0 if unspecified Passing no threadspec is equivalent to running: switchtest rtkN rtkN rtk_fpN rtk_fpN rtk_fp_ufppN rtk_fp_ufppN rtupN rtupN rtup_ufppN rtup_ufppN rtusN rtusN rtus_ufpsN rtus_ufpsN rtuoN rtuoN rtuo_ufppN rtuo_ufppN rtuo_ufpsN rtuo_ufpsN rtuo_ufpp_ufpsN rtuo_ufpp_ufpsN with N=1,...,nr_cpus, i.e. occurrences of all the arguments for each CPU Passing only the --nofpu or -n argument is equivalent to running: switchtest rtkN rtkN rtupN rtupN rtusN rtusN rtuoN rtuoN similar to the above. switchtest accepts the following options: --help, -h print usage information and exit --lines <lines>, -l <lines> print headers every <lines> lines --quiet or -q prevent this program from printing every second the count of ncontext switches --timeout <duration>, -T <duration> limit the test duration to <duration> seconds --nofpu, -n disables any use of FPU instructions AUTHOR
switchtest was written by Philippe Gerum <> and Gilles Chanteperdrix <>. This man page was written by Roland Stigge <>. 2.6.0 2008-04-19 SWITCHTEST(1)
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