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x_count(1) [debian man page]

*_COUNT(1)							      *_count								*_COUNT(1)

*_count - count physical lines of code, in each input file SYNOPSIS
*_count [ --f file ] files... DESCRIPTION
This is a generic manpage, written for the helper program for SLOCCount toolsuite. It currently applies to: asm_count, c_count, cobol_count, f90_count, fortran_count, haskell_count, lex_count, ml_count, modula3_count, objc_count, perl_count, python_count ) OPTIONS
-f file File with a list of files to count (if "-", read list from stdin). It can coexist with a list of files on command line. SEE ALSO
See sloccount(1) for additional details about SLOCCount suite. AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Sandro Tosi <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others) *_count 23 March 2008 *_COUNT(1)

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SFOOD-IMPORTS(1)					      General Commands Manual						  SFOOD-IMPORTS(1)

sfood-imports - parse Python files and output a unified list of imported symbols SYNOPSIS
sfood-imports [options] files... DESCRIPTION
The imported modules/symbols are output even if they cannot be found. (You could try to do this with grep, but this is more accurate because it uses the AST to obtain the list of imports.) OPTIONS
-h, --help show the help message and exit -I IGNORES, --ignore=IGNORES Add the given directory name to the list to be ignored. -u, --unified Just output the unique set of dependencies found, in no particular order, without the filenames. The default is to output all imports, in order of appearance, along with the filename and line number. -v, --verbose Output input lines as well. SEE ALSO
sfood(1), sfood-checker(1), sfood-cluster(1), sfood-copy(1), sfood-flatten(1), sfood-graph(1). AUTHOR
sfood-graph was written by Martin Blais <> and it's part of snakefood suite. This manual page was written by Sandro Tosi <>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others). January 2, 2009 SFOOD-IMPORTS(1)
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