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wvversion(1) [debian man page]

wvVersion(1)						      General Commands Manual						      wvVersion(1)

wvVersion - view word document's version # SYNOPSIS
wvVersion word_doc DESCRIPTION
wvVersion displays the word version number of a MSWord document. 8=Word97, 7=Word95, ... MORE INFORMATION SEE ALSO
wvAbw(1), wvWare(1), wvHtml(1), wvLatex(1), wvCleanLatex(1), wvPS(1), wvPDF(1), wvDVI(1), wvRTF(1), wvText(1), wvWml(1), wvMime(1), cat- doc(1), word2x(1) AUTHOR
Dom Lachowicz (current author and maintainer) WEB: MAIL: wvVersion(1)
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