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WORKRAVE(1)															       WORKRAVE(1)

workrave - RSI prevention tool SYNOPSIS
Workrave is a tool that reminds you to take regular breaks, thus preventing RSI or helping you to recover from it. OPTIONS
Workrave does not take any options besides the standard GNOME options. AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Michael Piefel <> for the Debian system (but may be used by others). 26 February 2003 WORKRAVE(1)

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nautilus-actions-config-tool(1) 			      General Commands Manual				   nautilus-actions-config-tool(1)

nautilus-actions-config-tool - configure programs to launch from the nautilus file manager SYNOPSIS
nautilus-actions-config-tool OPTIONS
Help Options -?, --help Show help options -?, --help-all Show all help options -?, --help-misc Application Options -?, --non-unique Set it to run multiple instances of the program [unique] -?, --version Output the version number, and exit gracefully [no] -?, --display=DISPLAY X display to use DESCRIPTION
nautilus-actions is an extension for the nautilus file manager which allows arbitrary programs to be launched through the nautilus context menu. Each time you right-click on one or more files in nautilus, or any part of the background of the currently opened folder, nautilus-actions will look at its configured actions to see if a program has been setup for this selection. If so, it will add an item to the menu that allows you to execute the program on the selected files. Configurations are stored in GConf for speed and integration with other GNOME programs. Configs can be easily shared using the "Import/Export assistant" menu items in the Tools menu of nautilus-actions-config-tool /. BUGS
Please report bugs in nautilus-actions to <>. The current bug list may be viewed at < actions>. AUTHOR
nautilus-actions was written by Rodrigo Moya <>, Frederic Ruaudel <>, Pierre Wieser <pwieser@trych->, and contributors. This manual page was written by Christine Spang <> and Alice Ferrazzi <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). LICENSING
Both the nautilus-actions source code and this man page are licensed under the GNU General Public License. SEE ALSO
nautilus(1),nautilus-actions-new(1),nautilus-actions-print(1) Debian GNU/Linux 2011-11-05 nautilus-actions-config-tool(1)
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