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vmware-view(1)							   User Commands						    vmware-view(1)

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vmware-view - VMware View Open Client SYNOPSIS
vmware-view [options] DESCRIPTION
vmware-view allows users to connect to desktops on a View Connection Server. Linux OCTOBER 2008 vmware-view(1)

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VMSYNC(9)							   Open VM Tools							 VMSYNC(9)

vmsync - vmware kernel module SYNOPSIS
modprobe vmsync DESCRIPTION
This is a Linux kernel module. It isn't backed by a virtual hardware device, so it must be loaded manually. It is depended on by vmware-guestd(8), so ideally it should be loaded prior to starting vmware-guestd(8) (though vmware-guestd(8) can function without it). This module is used for freezing and thawing the filesystem. OPTIONS
vmsync has no options. SEE ALSO
vmware-checkvm(1) vmware-hgfsclient(1) vmware-toolbox(1) vmware-toolbox-cmd(1) vmware-user(1) vmware-xferlogs(1) libguestlib(3) libvmtools(3) vmware-guestd(8) vmware-hgfsmounter(8) vmware-user-suid-wrapper(8) vmblock(9) vmci(9) vmhgfs(9) vmmemctl(9) vmsock(9) vmxnet(9) vmxnet3(9) HOMEPAGE
More information about vmsync and the Open VM Tools can be found at <>. AUTHOR
Open VM Tools were written by VMware, Inc. <>. This manual page was put together from homepage materials by Daniel Baumann <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). 2010.03.20-243334 2010-04-08 VMSYNC(9)
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