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ucs2any(1)						      General Commands Manual							ucs2any(1)

ucs2any - generate BDF fonts containing subsets of ISO 10646-1 codepoints SYNOPSIS
ucs2any [ +d | -d ] source-name { mapping-file registry-encoding } ... DESCRIPTION
ucs2any allows one to generate from an ISO 10646-1 encoded BDF font other BDF fonts in any possible encoding. This way, one can derive from a single ISO 10646-1 master font a whole set of 8-bit fonts in all ISO 8859 and various other encodings. OPTIONS
+d puts DEC VT100 graphics characters in the C0 range (default for upright, character-cell fonts). -d omits DEC VT100 graphics characters from the C0 range (default for all font types except upright, character-cell fonts). OPERANDS
source-name is the name of an ISO 10646-1 encoded BDF file. mapping-file is the name of a character set table like those at <>. These files can also typically be found installed in the /usr/share/fonts/X11/util directory. registry-encoding are the CHARSET_REGISTRY and CHARSET_ENCODING field values for the font name (XLFD) of the target font, separated by a hyphen. Any number of mapping-file and registry-encoding operand pairs may be specified. EXAMPLE
The command ucs2any 6x13.bdf 8859-1.TXT iso8859-1 8859-2.TXT iso8859-2 will generate the files 6x13-iso8859-1.bdf and 6x13-iso8859-2.bdf. FUTURE DIRECTIONS
Hopefully a future release will have a facility similar to ucs2any built into the server, and reencode ISO 10646-1 on the fly, because storing the same fonts in many different encodings is clearly a waste of storage capacity. SEE ALSO
bdftruncate(1) AUTHOR
ucs2any was written by Markus Kuhn. Branden Robinson wrote this manual page, originally for the Debian Project. X Version 11 font-util 1.3.0 ucs2any(1)

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trbdf(1)							   User Manuals 							  trbdf(1)

trbdf - convert BDF-font from one encoding to other SYNOPSIS
trbdf -C | -l | -h trbdf [-s] [-f input-codeset ] [-t output-codeset ] [--foundry[=] new-foundry ] BDF-font DESCRIPTION
trbdf is a program for translation of BDF fonts from one encoding to other. One exciting feature of trbdf is that it tries to approximate the symbols that miss from the font or from the encoding of the font with existing symbols when possible. If the option -s or --gen-script is given trbdf will generate an awk(1) script for translation of BDF-fonts for fixed combination of input- codeset and output-codeset This is useful for faster convertion of many files. This script is used as filter. If none of -C, -s, -l, -h and their equivalents is given the BDF-font will be read assuming it is coded with codeset input-codeset On stan- dard output it will be recoded so to use codeset output-codeset Both input-codeset and output-codeset are case insensitive and default to `cp1251'. OPTIONS
-C, --copyright Display copying conditions and warranty information. -s, --gen-script Generates conversion script for given input and output encodings instead to convert BDF-font. This option is usefull if you have to convert many fonts. The generated script expects the input font from its standard input and outputs the converted font. -l, --list List all known codesets. -h, --help Display this help and exit. -f input-codeset, --from[=]input-codeset Codeset of the source font. -f output-codeset, --to[=]output-codeset Codeset of the generated font. --foundry[=]new-foundry Use this option if you want to change the foundry of the generated fonts. AUTHOR
Anton Zinoviev <>, <> SEE ALSO
bdftopcf(1x) trscripts NOV 2002 trbdf(1)
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