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TZC(1)							      General Commands Manual							    TZC(1)

tzc - trivial zephyr client SYNOPSIS
tzc [options] DESCRIPTION
Tzc is a zephyr client program which talks to the zephyr servers (via the "zephyr host manager") and to a gnu-emacs running zephyr-mode. OPTIONS
A summary of options is included below. -a nseconds Restart tzc every nseconds seconds. -e exposure Set exposure. (values: NONE, OPSTAFF, REALM-VISIBLE, REALM-ANNOUNCED, NET-VISIBLE, NET-ANNOUNCED) -l, location Set zlocation to the string location. The default is tzc.n, where n is tzc's pid. -p filename Write tzc's process-id to the file filename. -s Use zctl for subscriptions (read from ~/zephyr.subs.tzc) -t nseconds If no zephyrgrams arrive in nseconds seconds, send a test message to mkae sure we're alive. If nseconds is zero, disable this fea- ture. Default is 300 seconds. -o Run tzc in output-only mode. Tzc will just print zephyrgrams, and not accept commands from stdin -i Ignore eof on input -d Print debugging information. SEE ALSO
zephyr(1), zwgc(1), zwrite(1), zctl(1) AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Theodore Ts'o <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). July 15, 2002 TZC(1)

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ZHM(8)							      System Manager's Manual							    ZHM(8)

zhm - Zephyr HostManager SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/zhm [ -d ] [ -n ] [ -h ] [ -r ] [ -i ] [ -f ] [ -N ] [ server ... ] DESCRIPTION
Zhm is the link between a client machine and the zephyr server. All notices sent from programs on the client are funneled through zhm. This allows all client programs to be much simpler in function, since the HostManager is responsible for handling errors, retransmitting lost notices, and holding all notices until they are acknowledged. The -d option turns on debugging mode, and sends its information to syslog LOG_DAEMON messages. The -n option causes zhm to not attempt to put itself in the background. The -h option causes zhm to send a shutdown message and exit upon delivery of a SIGHUP signal. The normal action on SIGHUP is to send a flush notice to the zephyr server. The -r option causes zhm to send a boot notice to the server and exit when the notice is acknowledged. The -i option indicates that zhm is being started by inetd(8). When this option is specified, zhm assumes that file descriptor zero (0) is bound to the UDP datagram port designated for hostmanager use. In this mode, SIGHUP is handled as if the -h option were specified. The -f option disables the "flush" operation which allows any client to flush all subscriptions for the host. The -N option supresses the initial "boot" message that flushes all subscriptions for the host, which is useful if you're restarting zhm on a host that people are using. The optional server arguments are used to replace the set of server names supplied by the hesiod(3) name server. SEE ALSO
zephyr(1), zephyrd(8), inetd(8) Project Athena Technical Plan Section E.4.1, `Zephyr Notification Service' AUTHOR
David C. Jedlinsky, MIT Project Athena RESTRICTIONS
Copyright (c) 1987,1988 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. All Rights Reserved. zephyr(1) specifies the terms and conditions for redistribution. MIT Project Athena November 1, 1988 ZHM(8)
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