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ttultest(1) [debian man page]

TTULTEST(1)							   Tokyo Tyrant 						       TTULTEST(1)

ttultest - test cases of the update log API DESCRIPTION
ttserver(1), ttulmgr(1), ttutil(3), tculog(3), tcrdb(3) Man Page 2010-01-20 TTULTEST(1)

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TOKYOTYRANT(3)															    TOKYOTYRANT(3)

The TokyoTyrant class

The main Tokyo Tyrant class CLASS SYNOPSIS
TokyoTyrant TokyoTyrant Constants o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBDEF_PORT1978 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_STREQ0 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_STRINC1 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_STRBW2 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_STREW3 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_STRAND4 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_STROR5 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_STROREQ6 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_STRRX7 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_NUMEQ8 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_NUMGT9 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_NUMGE10 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_NUMLT11 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_NUMLE12 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_NUMBT13 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_NUMOREQ14 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_NEGATE16777216 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_NOIDX33554432 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBQO_STRASC0 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBQO_STRDESC1 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBQO_NUMASC2 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBQO_NUMDESC3 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBIT_LEXICAL0 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBIT_DECIMAL1 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBIT_TOKEN2 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBIT_QGRAM3 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBIT_OPT9998 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBIT_VOID9999 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBIT_KEEP16777216 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBQCFTS_PH15 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBQCFTS_AND16 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBQCFTS_OR17 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBQCFTS_EX18 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBXO_LCKREC1 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBXOLCK_GLB2 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBREC_INT1 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBREC_DBL2 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBMS_UNION0 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBMS_ISECT1 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBMS_DIFF2 o const integer$TokyoTyrant::RDBT_RECON1 Methods o public number TokyoTyrant::add (string $key, number $increment, [int $type]) o public TokyoTyrant TokyoTyrant::connect (string $host, [int $port = TokyoTyrant::RDBDEF_PORT], [array $options]) o public TokyoTyrant TokyoTyrant::connectUri (string $uri) o public TokyoTyrant::__construct ([string $host], [int $port = TokyoTyrant::RDBDEF_PORT], [array $options]) o public TokyoTyrant TokyoTyrant::copy (string $path) o public string TokyoTyrant::ext (string $name, int $options, string $key, string $value) o public array TokyoTyrant::fwmKeys (string $prefix, int $max_recs) o public mixed TokyoTyrant::get (mixed $keys) o public TokyoTyrantIterator TokyoTyrant::getIterator (void ) o public int TokyoTyrant::num (void ) o public TokyoTyrant TokyoTyrant::out (mixed $keys) o public TokyoTyrant TokyoTyrant::put (mixed $keys, [string $value = NULL]) o public TokyoTyrant TokyoTyrant::putCat (mixed $keys, [string $value]) o public TokyoTyrant TokyoTyrant::putKeep (mixed $keys, [string $value]) o public TokyoTyrant TokyoTyrant::putNr (mixed $keys, [string $value = NULL]) o public mixed TokyoTyrant::putShl (string $key, string $value, int $width) o public mixed TokyoTyrant::restore (string $log_dir, int $timestamp, [bool $check_consistency = true]) o public mixed TokyoTyrant::setMaster (string $host, int $port, int $timestamp, [bool $check_consistency = true]) o public int TokyoTyrant::size (string $key) o public array TokyoTyrant::stat (void ) o public mixed TokyoTyrant::sync (void ) o public TokyoTyrant TokyoTyrant::tune (float $timeout, [int $options = TokyoTyrant::RDBT_RECON]) o public mixed TokyoTyrant::vanish (void ) PREDEFINED CONSTANTS
o TokyoTyrant::RDBDEF_PORT -The default port of the Tokyo Tyrant database o TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_STREQ -string is equal to o TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_STRINC -string is included in o TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_STRBW -string begins with o TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_STREW -string ends with o TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_STRAND -string includes all tokens in o TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_STROR -string includes at least one token in o TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_STROREQ -string is equal to at least one token in o TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_STRRX -string matches regular expressions of o TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_NUMEQ -number is equal to o TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_NUMGT -number is greater than o TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_NUMGE -number is greater than or equal to o TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_NUMLT -number is less than o TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_NUMLE -number is less than or equal to o TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_NUMBT -number is between two tokens of o TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_NUMOREQ -number is equal to at least one token in o TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_NEGATE -negation flag o TokyoTyrant::RDBQC_NOIDX -no index flag o TokyoTyrant::RDBQO_STRASC -string ascending o TokyoTyrant::RDBQO_STRDESC -string descending o TokyoTyrant::RDBQO_NUMASC -number ascending o TokyoTyrant::RDBQO_NUMDESC -number descending o TokyoTyrant::RDBIT_LEXICAL -lexical string o TokyoTyrant::RDBIT_DECIMAL -decimal string o TokyoTyrant::RDBIT_TOKEN -token inverted index (Tokyo Tyrant >= 1.1.29) o TokyoTyrant::RDBIT_QGRAM -QGRAM inverted index (Tokyo Tyrant >= 1.1.29) o TokyoTyrant::RDBIT_OPT -optimize o TokyoTyrant::RDBIT_VOID -void o TokyoTyrant::RDBIT_KEEP -keep existing index o TokyoTyrant::RDBQCFTS_PH -full-text search with the phrase of (Tokyo Tyrant >= 1.1.29) o TokyoTyrant::RDBQCFTS_AND -full-text search with all tokens in (Tokyo Tyrant >= 1.1.29) o TokyoTyrant::RDBQCFTS_OR -full-text search with at least one token in (Tokyo Tyrant >= 1.1.29) o TokyoTyrant::RDBQCFTS_EX -full-text search with the compound expression of (Tokyo Tyrant >= 1.1.29) o TokyoTyrant::RDBQCFTS_AND -Metasearch union between records (Tokyo Tyrant >= 1.1.33) o TokyoTyrant::RDBQCFTS_OR -Metasearch intersection between records (Tokyo Tyrant >= 1.1.33) o TokyoTyrant::RDBQCFTS_EX -Metasearch difference between records (Tokyo Tyrant >= 1.1.33) o TokyoTyrant::RDBT_RECON -Whether to reconnect on connection failure. It is recommended to have this parameter on for persistent connections o TokyoTyrant::RDBXOLCK_REC -record locking o TokyoTyrant::RDBXOLCK_GLB -global locking o TokyoTyrant::RDBREC_INT -record type int o TokyoTyrant::RDBREC_DBL -record type float (double) o TokyoTyrant::TTE_SUCCESS -success o TokyoTyrant::TTE_INVALID -invalid operation o TokyoTyrant::TTE_NOHOST -host not found o TokyoTyrant::TTE_REFUSED -connection refused o TokyoTyrant::TTE_SEND -send error o TokyoTyrant::TTE_RECV -recv error o TokyoTyrant::TTE_KEEP -record exist o TokyoTyrant::TTE_NOREC -no record found o TokyoTyrant::TTE_MISC -miscellaneous error PHP Documentation Group TOKYOTYRANT(3)
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