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tricensus-mpi-status(1) [debian man page]

TRICENSUS-MPI-STATUS(1) 					The Regina Handbook					   TRICENSUS-MPI-STATUS(1)

tricensus-mpi-status - Summarise the log file of an MPI census of triangulations SYNOPSIS
tricensus-mpi-status log-file DESCRIPTION
This utility reads a log file produced by a tricensus-mpi job, and writes a human-readable summary to standard output. It can be used for either jobs that have finished or jobs that are still running, and it can happily read logs that have been compressed using gzip or bzip2. The logs produced by tricensus-mpi are very detailed, including timestamps, details of which slaves have taken which tasks, and how many triangulations each task has produced. This utility distills this detailed log into an easy-to-read summary, with one line for each face pairing. Output will only appear for face pairings that have been examined so far (which includes face pairings still being processed). This output will include: o whether processing for each face pairing has finished; o the number of triangulations found so far for each face pairing; o the number of subsearches generated and/or finished for each face pairing (only relevant when running in subsearch mode). The final line of output will list the total number of triangulations found so far, whether the census has finished, and if not, when the last log entry was written. For further explanation of the terminology used above, see the tricensus-mpi reference. EXAMPLES
See the tricensus-mpi reference for a sample session in which tricensus-mpi-status is used. MACOS X AND WINDOWS USERS
This utility is not shipped with the drag-and-drop app bundle for MacOS X or with the Windows installer. SEE ALSO
tricensus-mpi, regina-gui. AUTHOR
This utility was written by Benjamin Burton <>. Many people have been involved in the development of Regina; see the users' handbook for a full list of credits. 28 May 2012 TRICENSUS-MPI-STATUS(1)

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REGCONCAT(1)							The Regina Handbook						      REGCONCAT(1)

regconcat - Combine several Regina data files SYNOPSIS
regconcat [ -o output-file ] input-file ... DESCRIPTION
This utility combines several individual Regina data files into a single larger data file. The new file will have a container as its top- level packet, and beneath this container will be the packet trees from each of the input files that you supply. If an output file is specified through option -o, the new file will be written as compressed XML to this output file. Otherwise the new file will be written as uncompressed XML to standard output. OPTIONS
-o output-file Specifies that the new combined data file should be written as compressed XML to the given output file. MACOS X USERS
If you downloaded a drag-and-drop app bundle, this utility is shipped inside it. If you dragged Regina to the main Applications folder, you can run it as /Applications/ WINDOWS USERS
The command-line utilities are installed beneath the Program Files directory; on some machines this directory is called Pro- gram Files (x86). You can start this utility by running c:Program FilesReginaRegina 4.93in egconcat.exe. SEE ALSO
regina-gui. AUTHOR
This utility was written by Benjamin Burton <>. Many people have been involved in the development of Regina; see the users' handbook for a full list of credits. 28 May 2012 REGCONCAT(1)
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