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tonetool(1)								OST							       tonetool(1)

tonetool - create and manipulate telephony tones. SYNOPSIS
tonetool -append [-offset=pos] [-level=level] target tonespec... tonetool -create [-encoding=codec] [-level=level] target tonespec... tonetool -detect input files... tonetool -list [-file=config] [-locale=where] tone tonetool -play [-level=level] tonespec... DESCRIPTION
Teltones is used to generate or play audio telephony tones based on a "spec". The spec can be "dtmf digitstring" to create or play dtmf digits, "mf digitstring" to create or play mf digits, "single ...", to create or play a single tone, or "dual ..." to create or play a dual tone. Teltones can also be used to detect dtmf digits contained in audio files. -append Appends the generated tone to the end of an existing audio file. -create Create a new audio file from scratch and fill with the tone specified. -detect Process an existing audio file and report on dtmf digits found. -list List a tone entry definition by sequencing. -play Generate a tone or dialing string and play it to the local soundcard. BUGS
At this time tonetool always assumes all data is sourced at 8khz and does not support sample rate conversion. AUTHOR
Written by David Sugar. REPORTING BUGS
Report bugs to <>. COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2005 David Sugar, Tycho Softworks. This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICU- LAR PURPOSE. GNU ccAudio Tone Tool Febuary 2005 tonetool(1)

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TONEGEN(1)						    Voicetronix Telephony Tools 						TONEGEN(1)

tonegen - Test the Voicetronix programmable tone generator SYNOPSIS
tonegen [options] DESCRIPTION
The tonegen utility uses the programmable tone generator to send tones to some port. OPTIONS
The following options are available: --card number Explicitly select the card to test. Default is card 0. --port number Explicitly select the port to test. Default is port 0 of the card being tested. --toneid num Play a locale specific predefined tone, where 0 <= num < VPB_TONE_ID_MAX. The locale is decided according to the value of the VPB_COUNTRY environment variable. --tone n freq mag Set a single component for a user defined tone. This option may be used more than once with different values of n to set the compo- nents of a multi-frequency tone. Legal values for the other parameters are 0 < freq <= 4000 (Hz), and -inf < mag < 0.0 (dB). --ontime ms The number of milliseconds that a user defined tone should be on for. --offtime ms The number of milliseconds that a user defined tone should be off for. --dial digits Generates a dial string using the specified dtmf digits. --sync Play tones using the synchronous api functions. The default is to use the async api. --loop Loop cadenced tones continuously. Has no effect if a continuous tone has been specified. --recgain db Set software record gain in dB. Default is 0.0 --rec file Record audio to a file while playing. --contest Do not wait for a tone to complete before starting the next one. This can be useful for stress testing the coherency of the tone generator. --help, -? Show summary of these options. AUTHOR
Ron Lee, Voicetronix <> This manual page was written by Ron <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). VPB driver package Feb 18, 2007 TONEGEN(1)
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