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tiffset(1) [debian man page]

TIFFSET(1)						      General Commands Manual							TIFFSET(1)

tiffset - set a field in a TIFF header SYNOPSIS
tiffset [ options ] filename.tif DESCRIPTION
Tiffset sets the value of a TIFF header to a specified value. OPTIONS
-d dirnumber change the current directory (starting at 0). -s tagnumber [ count ] value ... Set the value of the named tag to the value or values specified. -sd diroffset change the current directory by offset. -sf tagnumber filename Set the value of the tag to the contents of filename. This option is supported for ASCII tags only. EXAMPLES
The following example sets the image description tag(270) of a.tif to the contents of the file descrip: tiffset -sf 270 descrip a.tif The following example sets the artist tag(315) of a.tif to the string ``Anonymous'': tiffset -s 315 Anonymous a.tif This example sets the resolution of the file a.tif to 300 dpi: tiffset -s 296 2 a.tif tiffset -s 282 300.0 a.tif tiffset -s 283 300.0 a.tif Set the photometric interpretation of the third page of a.tif to min-is-black (ie. inverts it): tiffset -d 2 -s 262 1 a.tif SEE ALSO
tiffdump(1), tiffinfo(1), tiffcp(1), libtiff(3TIFF) Libtiff library home page: libtiff November 21, 2004 TIFFSET(1)

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tiffsplit(1)							   User Commands						      tiffsplit(1)

tiffsplit - split a multi-image TIFF into single-image TIFF files SYNOPSIS
tiffsplit src.tif [prefix] DESCRIPTION
tiffsplit splits a multi-directory (page) TIFF file to create one or more single-directory (page) TIFF files. The output filenames are cre- ated by concatenating a prefix, a lexically ordered suffix in the range [aa-zz], and the suffix .tif. For example, xaa.tif, xab.tif, ..., xzz.tif. If a prefix is not specified on the command line, the default prefix x is used. OPTIONS
The following operands are supported: src.tif The name of the input file. prefix The prefix used to create the output filenames. ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWTiff | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Interface stability |External | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
tiffinfo(1), tiffcp(1), libtiff(3) NOTES
Only a select set of "known tags" is copied when splitting. Updated by Breda McColgan, Sun Microsystems Inc., 2004. SunOS 5.10 26 Mar 2004 tiffsplit(1)
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