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thumbnail(1) [debian man page]

THUMBNAIL(1)						      General Commands Manual						      THUMBNAIL(1)

thumbnail - create a TIFF file with thumbnail images SYNOPSIS
thumbnail [ options ] input.tif output.tif DESCRIPTION
thumbnail is a program written to show how one might use the SubIFD tag (#330) to store thumbnail images. thumbnail copies a TIFF Class F facsimile file to the output file and for each image an 8-bit greyscale thumbnail sketch. The output file contains the thumbnail image with the associated full-resolution page linked below with the SubIFD tag. By default, thumbnail images are 216 pixels wide by 274 pixels high. Pixels are calculated by sampling and filtering the input image with each pixel value passed through a contrast curve. OPTIONS
-w Specify the width of thumbnail images in pixels. -h Specify the height of thumbnail images in pixels. -c Specify a contrast curve to apply in generating the thumbnail images. By default pixels values are passed through a linear contrast curve that simply maps the pixel value ranges. Alternative curves are: exp50 for a 50% exponential curve, exp60 for a 60% exponen- tial curve, exp70 for a 70% exponential curve, exp80 for a 80% exponential curve, exp90 for a 90% exponential curve, exp for a pure exponential curve, linear for a linear curve. BUGS
There are no options to control the format of the saved thumbnail images. SEE ALSO
tiffdump(1), tiffgt(1), tiffinfo(1), libtiff(3) Libtiff library home page: libtiff November 2, 2005 THUMBNAIL(1)

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exif_thumbnail - Retrieve the embedded thumbnail of a TIFF or JPEG image

string exif_thumbnail (string $filename, [int &$width], [int &$height], [int &$imagetype]) DESCRIPTION
exif_thumbnail(3) reads the embedded thumbnail of a TIFF or JPEG image. If you want to deliver thumbnails through this function, you should send the mimetype information using the header(3) function. It is possible that exif_thumbnail(3) cannot create an image but can determine its size. In this case, the return value is FALSE but $width and $height are set. PARAMETERS
o $filename - The name of the image file being read. This image contains an embedded thumbnail. o $width - The return width of the returned thumbnail. o $height - The returned height of the returned thumbnail. o $imagetype - The returned image type of the returned thumbnail. This is either TIFF or JPEG. RETURN VALUES
Returns the embedded thumbnail, or FALSE if the image contains no thumbnail. EXAMPLES
Example #1 exif_thumbnail(3) example <?php if (array_key_exists('file', $_REQUEST)) { $image = exif_thumbnail($_REQUEST['file'], $width, $height, $type); } else { $image = false; } if ($image!==false) { header('Content-type: ' .image_type_to_mime_type($type)); echo $image; exit; } else { // no thumbnail available, handle the error here echo 'No thumbnail available'; } ?> SEE ALSO
exif_read_data(3), image_type_to_mime_type(3). PHP Documentation Group EXIF_THUMBNAIL(3)

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