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T1UNMAC(1)						      General Commands Manual							T1UNMAC(1)

t1unmac - translate a Mac PostScript Type 1 font into PFA or PFB format SYNOPSIS
t1unmac [-a|-b] [-r] [input [output]] DESCRIPTION
t1unmac extracts POST resources from a Macintosh PostScript font file and creates a PFA (hexadecimal) or PFB (binary) font file. The file input should be in MacBinary I or II, AppleSingle, AppleDouble, or BinHex format, or it can be a raw resource fork. If the file is a raw resource fork, you need to give the `--raw' option; otherwise t1unmac should automatically figure out what kind of file you have. If the file output is not specified output goes to the standard output. OPTIONS
--pfa, -a Output in PFA (ASCII) format. --pfb, -b Output in PFB (binary) format. This is the default. --raw, -r Indicates that the input is a raw resource fork. --macbinary Indicates that the input is in MacBinary I or II format. --applesingle Indicates that the input is in AppleSingle format. --appledouble Indicates that the input is in AppleDouble format. --binhex Indicates that the input is in BinHex 4.0 format. --block-length=num, -l num PFB only: Set the maximum output block length to num. The default length is as large as memory allows. --line-length=num, -l num PFA only: Set the maximum length of encrypted lines in the output to num. (These are the lines consisting wholly of hexadecimal dig- its.) The default is 64. EXAMPLES
On Mac OS X, you can use t1unmac to translate a font into PFA or PFB format as follows: % t1unmac --raw FONTFILENAME/..namedfork/rsrc > OUTPUT SEE ALSO
t1mac(1), t1ascii(1), t1binary(1), t1asm(1), t1disasm(1) AUTHORS
Lee Hetherington ( Eddie Kohler ( Ported to Microsoft C/C++ Compiler and MS-DOS operating system by Kai-Uwe Herbing ( Version 1.37 T1UNMAC(1)

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T1DOTLESSJ(1)						      General Commands Manual						     T1DOTLESSJ(1)

t1dotlessj - create a dotless-j PostScript Type 1 font SYNOPSIS
t1dotlessj [OPTIONS...] font [outputfile] DESCRIPTION
T1dotlessj creates a PostScript Type 1 font whose only character is a dotless 'j' matching the input font's design. It works simply by removing the dot from the input font's 'j'. The output font has three characters: '.notdef', 'space', and 'uni0237', where 'uni0237' is the dotless 'j'. The command fails if the input font already has a dotless 'j' character, or if there seems to be no dot to remove. T1dotlessj writes the created PFA or PFB font to the standard output (but see the --output option); if no input file is supplied, it reads a PFA or PFB font from the standard input. OPTIONS
--output=file, -o file Send output to file instead of standard output. --pfb, -b Output a PFB font. This is the default. --pfa, -a Output a PFA font. --name=name, -n name Set the output font's PostScript name to name. The default is InputFontNameLCDFJ. -q, --quiet Do not generate any error messages. -h, --help Print usage information and exit. -v, --version Print the version number and some short non-warranty information and exit. RETURN VALUES
T1dotlessj exits with one of the following values: 0 A dotless-j font was successfully generated. 1 The font already contained a dotless-j character. 2 The font's "j" character had no dot to remove. 3 The font had no "j" character. >3 An error occurred. SEE ALSO
Adobe Type 1 Font Format AUTHOR
Eddie Kohler ( Version 2.92 LCDF Typetools T1DOTLESSJ(1)
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