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systemadm(1) [debian man page]

SYSTEMADM(1)							     systemadm							      SYSTEMADM(1)

systemadm - Graphical frontend for the systemd system and service manager SYNOPSIS
systemadm is a graphical frontend for the systemd system and service manager and allows introspection and control of systemd. OPTIONS
The following options are understood: --h, --help Prints a short help text and exits. --system Connect to the systemd system manager. (Default) --user Connect to the systemd manager of the calling user. In addition to this a number of parameters common to all Gtk+ programs are supported. SEE ALSO
systemd(1), systemctl(1) AUTHOR
Lennart Poettering <> Developer systemd 10/07/2013 SYSTEMADM(1)

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SYSTEMD-TIMEDATED.SERVICE(8)                                 systemd-timedated.service                                SYSTEMD-TIMEDATED.SERVICE(8)

systemd-timedated.service, systemd-timedated - Time and date bus mechanism SYNOPSIS
systemd-timedated.service /lib/systemd/systemd-timedated DESCRIPTION
systemd-timedated is a system service that may be used as a mechanism to change the system clock and timezone, as well as to enable/disable NTP time synchronization. systemd-timedated is automatically activated on request and terminates itself when it is unused. The tool timedatectl(1) is a command line client to this service. See the developer documentation[1] for information about the APIs systemd-timedated provides. SEE ALSO
systemd(1), timedatectl(1), localtime(5), hwclock(8) NOTES
1. developer documentation systemd 237 SYSTEMD-TIMEDATED.SERVICE(8)
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