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systemadm(1) [debian man page]

SYSTEMADM(1)							     systemadm							      SYSTEMADM(1)

systemadm - Graphical frontend for the systemd system and service manager SYNOPSIS
systemadm is a graphical frontend for the systemd system and service manager and allows introspection and control of systemd. OPTIONS
The following options are understood: --h, --help Prints a short help text and exits. --system Connect to the systemd system manager. (Default) --user Connect to the systemd manager of the calling user. In addition to this a number of parameters common to all Gtk+ programs are supported. SEE ALSO
systemd(1), systemctl(1) AUTHOR
Lennart Poettering <> Developer systemd 10/07/2013 SYSTEMADM(1)

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SYSTEMD.CONF(5) 						   systemd.conf 						   SYSTEMD.CONF(5)

systemd.conf - systemd manager configuration file SYNOPSIS
system.conf user.conf DESCRIPTION
When run as system instance systemd reads the configuration file system.conf, otherwise user.conf. These configuration files contain a few settings controlling basic manager operations. OPTIONS
All options are configured in the [Manager] section: LogLevel=, LogTarget=, LogColor=, LogLocation=, DumpCore=yes, CrashShell=no, ShowStatus=yes, SysVConsole=yes, CrashChVT=1, DefaultStandardOutput=journal, DefaultStandardError=inherit Configures various parameters of basic manager operation. These options may be overridden by the respective command line arguments. See systemd(1) for details about these command line arguments. CPUAffinity= Configures the initial CPU affinity for the init process. Takes a space-separated list of CPU indexes. MountAuto=yes, SwapAuto=yes Configures whether systemd should automatically activate all swap or mounts listed in /etc/fstab, or whether this job is left to some other system script. DefaultControllers=cpu Configures in which cgroup controller hierarchies to create per-service cgroups automatically, in addition to the name=systemd named hierarchy. Defaults to 'cpu'. Takes a space separated list of controller names. Pass an empty string to ensure that systemd does not touch any hierarchies but its own. JoinControllers=cpu,cpuacct Configures controllers that shall be mounted in a single hierarchy. By default systemd will mount all controllers which are enabled in the kernel in individual hierachies, with the exception of those listed in this setting. Takes a space separated list of comma separated controller names, in order to allow multiple joined hierarchies. Defaults to 'cpu,cpuacct'. Pass an empty string to ensure that systemd mounts all controllers in separate hierarchies. SEE ALSO
systemd(1) AUTHOR
Lennart Poettering <> Developer systemd 10/07/2013 SYSTEMD.CONF(5)
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