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SSCM(1) 							   User Commands							   SSCM(1)

sscm - A Scheme Interpreter SYNOPSIS
sscm [options] <file> DESCRIPTION
SigScheme is a Scheme interpreter, which targets embedded program. SigScheme is used as extension engine for uim, universal input method system. It conforms to R5RS, some of SRFI-s. OPTIONS
Sscm expects one filename as an argument <file>. It takes following option(s). -C <encoding> Specify encoding. Supported encodings are: EUC-JP, EUC-CN, EUC-KR, UTF-8, SHIFT_JIS, and ISO-8859-1. AUTHORS
Kazuki Ohta <>, Jun Inoue <>, and YAMAMOTO Kengo / Yamaken <> VERSION
Some documentation for sscm are maintained as text files. Please see /usr/share/doc/sscm/*. A Scheme Interpreter July 28, 2010 SSCM(1)

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csi - The Chicken Scheme Interpreter SYNOPSIS
csi [ pathname | option ... ] DESCRIPTION
csi is an interpreter for the programming language Scheme supporting most of the features as described in the Revised^5 Report on the Algo- rithmic Language Scheme csi is implemented as a program compiled with the chicken compiler. OPTIONS
Enter csi -help for a list of supported command-line options. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
CHICKEN_INCLUDE_PATH Contains one or more pathnames where the interpreter should also look for include-files, separated by ; characters. CHICKEN_PREFIX Is used as a prefix directory for support files, include-files and libraries. CSI_OPTIONS When set to a string of command-line options, then the options are passed implicitly to every direct or indirect invocation of csi Note that runtime options of the form -... can not be passed using this method. DOCUMENTATION
More information can be found in the CHICKEN User's Manual BUGS
Submit bug reports by e-mail to , preferrably using the chicken-bug tool. AUTHOR
chicken(1) chicken-bug(1) 20 May 2008 CSI(1)
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