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SQLFORMAT(1)							   User Commands						      SQLFORMAT(1)

sqlformat - reformat SQL SYNOPSIS
sqlformat [ OPTION ] ... [ FILE ] ... DESCRIPTION
The `sqlformat' command-line tool can be used to reformat SQL file according to specified options or prepare a snippet in in some program- ming language (only Python and PHP currently supported). Use "-" for FILE to read from stdin. OPTIONS
-i CHOICE|--identifiers=FORMAT Change case of identifiers. FORMAT is one of "upper", "lower", "capitalize". -k CHOICE|--keywords=FORMAT Change case of keywords. FORMAT is one of "upper", "lower", "capitalize". -l CHOICE|--language=LANG Output a snippet in programming language LANG. LANG can be "python", "php". -o FILE|--outfile=FILE Write output to FILE (defaults to stdout). -r|--reindent Reindent statements. --indent_width=INDENT_WIDTH Set indent width to INDENT_WIDTH. Default is 2 spaces. --strip-comments Remove comments. -h|--help Print a short help message and exit. All subsequent options are ignored. --verbose Verbose output. --version Print program's version number and exit. AUTHORS
This man page was written by Andriy Senkovych <> python-sqlparse version: 0.1.2 December 2010 SQLFORMAT(1)

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MLLP_SEND(1)							    python-hl7							      MLLP_SEND(1)

mllp_send - MLLP network client python-hl7 features a simple network client, mllp_send, which reads HL7 messages from a file or sys.stdin and posts them to an MLLP server. mllp_send is a command-line wrapper around hl7.client.MLLPClient. mllp_send is a useful tool for testing HL7 interfaces or resending logged messages: $ mllp_send --file sample.hl7 --port 6661 MSH|^~&|LIS|Example|Hospital|Mirth|20111207105244||ACK^A01|A234244|P|2.3.1| MSA|AA|234242|Message Received Successfully| USAGE
Usage: mllp_send [options] <server> Options: -h, --help show this help message and exit -p PORT, --port=PORT port to connect to -f FILE, --file=FILE read from FILE instead of stdin -q, --quiet do not print status messages to stdout --loose allow file to be a HL7-like object ( instead of ). Can ONLY send 1 message. Requires --file option (no stdin) INPUT FORMAT
By default, mllp_send expects the FILE or stdin input to be a properly formatted HL7 message (carriage returns separating segments) wrapped in a MLLP stream (<SB>message1<EB><CR><SB>message2<EB><CR>...). However, it is common, especially if the file has been manually edited in certain text editors, that the ASCII control characters will be lost and the carriage returns will be replaced with the platform's default line endings. In this case, mllp_send provides the --loose option, which attempts to take something that "looks like HL7" and convert it into a proper HL7 message. Currently the --loose option can only handle 1 HL7 message per file (it causes mllp_send to assume the whole file is one HL7 message). ADDITIONAL RESOURCES
John Paulett COPYRIGHT
2011, John Paulett 0.2.2 December 17, 2011 MLLP_SEND(1)
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