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software-properties-gtk(1) [debian man page]

SOFTWARE-PROPERTIES-GTK(1)				      General Commands Manual					SOFTWARE-PROPERTIES-GTK(1)

software-properties-gtk - Software Sources List editor SYNOPSIS
software-properties-gtk [options] DESCRIPTION
Software Sources List editor OPTIONS
Options: --debug Print some debug information to the command line --massive-debug Print a lot of debug information to the command line --no-update No update on repository change (useful if called from an external program) --enable-component <name> Enable the specified component of the distro's repositories [component_arg] --open-tab Open specific tab number on startup --enable-ppa <name> Enable PPA with the given name [ppa_arg] Generic options: --help Show help about options Software Sources List editor Mar 2010 SOFTWARE-PROPERTIES-GTK(1)

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UPDATE-NOTIFIER(1)					       Update Notifications						UPDATE-NOTIFIER(1)

update-notifier - daemon which notifies about package updates. SYNOPSIS
update-notifier [OPTIONS...] DESCRIPTION
update-notifier puts an icon in the user's notification area when package updates are available. OPTIONS
-h, --help Shows help options. --debug-hooks Enable hooks debugging. --debug-updates Enable updates/autolaunch debugging. --debug-inotify Enable inotify debugging. --debug-firmware Enable firmware debugging. --force Force start even if the user is not in the admin group. --force-use-gksu Force running all commands (update-manager, synaptic) with gksu. --startup-delay Delay startup by given amount of seconds. --display=DISPLAY X display to use. In addition, the usual GTK+ and GNOME command line options apply. See the output of --help for details. SEE ALSO
update-manager(8), synaptic(8) AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Vincent Cheng <>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others). 0.99.3 November 2010 UPDATE-NOTIFIER(1)
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