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smd-server(1) [debian man page]

smd-server(1)						 Sync Mail Dir (smd) documentation					     smd-server(1)

smd-server - sends diffs and mails to smd-client SYNOPSIS
smd-server [--exclude glob] [-v|--verbose] [-d|--dry-run] [--get-mddiff-cmdline] [--stop-after-diff] [--override-db dbf] [--dump-stdin tgt] endpoint mailboxes DESCRIPTION
smd-server needs to know a name (endpoint) for the client (that must not be used by others) and a list of mailboxes (directories). smd-server first calls mddiff(1), then prints on stdout the generated diff. It then accepts from stdin a small set of commands a client may issue to request a file (or parts of it, like the header). smd-server is in charge of committing the db file used by mddiff(1) in case the client communicates a successful sync. OPTIONS
-v --verbose Increase program verbosity (printed on stderr) -d --dry-run Do not perform any action for real -n --no-delete Do not track deleted files --exclude glob Exclude paths matching glob --override-db dbf Use dbf as the db-file --get-mddiff-cmdline Print the command line used for mddiff and then exist --stop-after-diff Send the actions to the other endpoint and exit. If used in conjunction with --override-db, dbf is removed just before exiting --dump-stdin tgt Dump standard input to tgt and exit NOTES
smd-server is a low level utility. You should use higher level tools like smd-pull(1) and smd-push(1) SEE ALSO
mddiff(1), smd-client(1), smd-pull(1), smd-push(1) AUTHOR
Enrico Tassi <> 11 June 2012 smd-server(1)

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SINNTP(1)							   sinntp manual							 SINNTP(1)

sinntp - tiny non-interactive NNTP client SYNOPSIS
sinntp command [options...] [args...] DESCRIPTION
sinntp is a tiny NNTP client originally designed to work in non-interactive mode. Following operations are supported: o sending articles to the server, o fetching new articles to the mbox file, o downloading individual messages in RFC822 format, o listing available newsgroups. COMMANDS
sinntp provides following commands: o get, o list, o pull, o push. Above commands may also be invoked via convenience wrappers named in nntp-command scheme (e.g. nntp-get). See wrappers' manual pages for command synopsis and description. GLOBAL OPTIONS
--version Show program's version number and exit. -h, --help Show short help message end exit. -v, --verbose Be more verbose (use multiple times to increase verbosity). -q, --quiet Be less verbose (use multiple times to decrease verbosity). -p, --plugin=plugin Load and use plugin. -S, --server=host, --server=host:port Connect to the specified host and port. If omitted sinntp will use address stored in /etc/nntp/server file or in NNTPSERVER variable (the latter takes precedence over the former). -U, --username=username Use specified username for authentication. -P, --password=password Use specified password for authentication. Use with caution! The password may be visible to other users of the system. --no-netrc Do not attempt to read authentication credentials (username, password) from the ~/.netrc file. -t, --timeout=timeout Wait maximum timeout seconds during communication with the server. Also, a particular command can support additional options. PLUGINS
Pulled and pushed messages can be altered by the plugin mechanism. Currently sinntp package includes following plugins: o mimify - add default charset to the message when it is not present, o strip_headers - strip specified headers from message. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
NNTPSERVER Address of the default NNTP server. It can be overridden by --server option. XDG_DATA_HOME Location of sinntp data directory. See XDG Base Directory Specification[1] for details. FILES
/etc/news/server A file with NNTP server address. Can be overridden by NNTPSERVER environment variable or --server option. $XDG_DATA_HOME/sinntp/ Location of sinntp data files. SEE ALSO
nntp-get(1), nntp-list(1), nntp-push(1), nntp-pull(1) COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Piotr Lewandowski, Jakub Wilk NOTES
1. XDG Base Directory Specification sinntp 1.5 2012-04-18 SINNTP(1)
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