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shtool-path(1) [debian man page]

SHTOOL-PATH.TMP(1)					      GNU Portable Shell Tool						SHTOOL-PATH.TMP(1)

shtool-path - GNU shtool command dealing with shell path variables SYNOPSIS
shtool path [-s|--suppress] [-r|--reverse] [-d|--dirname] [-b|--basename] [-m|--magic] [-p|--path path] str [str ...] DESCRIPTION
This command deals with shell $PATH variables. It can find a program through one or more filenames given by one or more str arguments. It prints the absolute filesystem path to the program displayed on "stdout" plus an exit code of 0 if it was really found. OPTIONS
The following command line options are available. -s, --suppress Supress output. Useful to only test whether a program exists with the help of the return code. -r, --reverse Transform a forward path to a subdirectory into a reverse path. -d, --dirname Output the directory name of str. -b, --basename Output the base name of str. -m, --magic Enable advanced magic search for ""perl"" and ""cpp"". -p, --path path Search in path. Default is to search in $PATH. EXAMPLE
# shell script awk=`shtool path -p "${PATH}:." gawk nawk awk` perl=`shtool path -m perl` cpp=`shtool path -m cpp` revpath=`shtool path -r path/to/subdir` HISTORY
The GNU shtool path command was originally written by Ralf S. Engelschall <> in 1998 for Apache. It was later taken over into GNU shtool. SEE ALSO
shtool(1), which(1). 18-Jul-2008 shtool 2.0.8 SHTOOL-PATH.TMP(1)

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SHTOOL-MKLN.TMP(1)					      GNU Portable Shell Tool						SHTOOL-MKLN.TMP(1)

shtool-mkln - GNU shtool enhanced ln(1) replacement SYNOPSIS
shtool mkln [-t|--trace] [-f|--force] [-s|--symbolic] src-path [src-path ...] dst-path DESCRIPTION
This is a ln(1) style command. It is enhanced to provide automatic calculation and usage of relative links with the shortest possible path, if possible. Usually if src-path and dst-path are not absolute paths or at least they share a common prefix except the root directory (``"/"''). When more than one src-path is specified, all of them are linked into dst-path. OPTIONS
The following command line options are available. -t, --trace Enable the output of the essential shell commands which are executed. -f, --force Force the creation of the link even if it exists. Default is to fail with error. -s, --symbolic Create a symbolic link instead of a hard-link. EXAMPLE
# shell script shtool mkln -s foo/bar baz/quux HISTORY
The GNU shtool fixperm command was originally written by Ralf S. Engelschall <> in 1998 for ePerl. SEE ALSO
shtool(1), ln(1). 18-Jul-2008 shtool 2.0.8 SHTOOL-MKLN.TMP(1)
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