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rxtelnet(1) [debian man page]

RXTELNET(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 					       RXTELNET(1)

rxtelnet -- start a telnet and forward X-connections. SYNOPSIS
rxtelnet [-l username] [-k] [-t telnet_args] [-x xterm_args] [-K kx_args] [-w term_emulator] [-b telnet_program] [-n] [-v] host [port] DESCRIPTION
The rxtelnet program starts an xterm window with a telnet to host host. From this window you will also be able to run X clients that will be able to connect securely to your X server. If port is given, that port will be used instead of the default. If setting up the X forwarding failes, rxtelnet will still telnet in to the remote host, but without X forwarding. The supported options are: -l Log in on the remote host as user username. -k Disables keep-alives. -t Send telnet_args as arguments to telnet. -x Send xterm_args as arguments to xterm. -X Send kx_args as arguments to kx. -w Use term_emulator instead of xterm. -b Use telnet_program instead of telnet. -n Do not start any terminal emulator. -v Be verbose. EXAMPLE
To login from host foo (where your display is) to host bar, you might do the following. 1. On foo: rxtelnet bar 2. You will get a new window with a telnet to bar. In this window you will be able to start X clients. SEE ALSO
kx(1), rxterm(1), telnet(1), tenletxr(1), kxd(8) KTH_KRB March 7, 2004 KTH_KRB

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KF(1)							    BSD General Commands Manual 						     KF(1)

kf -- securely forward tickets SYNOPSIS
kf [-p port | --port=port] [-l login | --login=login] [-c ccache | --ccache=ccache] [-F | --forwardable] [-G | --no-forwardable] [-h | --help] [--version] host ... DESCRIPTION
The kf program forwards tickets to a remote host through an authenticated and encrypted stream. Options supported are: -p port, --port=port port to connect to -l login, --login=login remote login name -c ccache, --ccache=ccache remote cred cache -F, --forwardable forward forwardable credentials -G, --no-forwardable do not forward forwardable credentials -h, --help --version kf is useful when you do not want to enter your password on a remote host but want to have your tickets one for example AFS. In order for kf to work you will need to acquire your initial ticket with forwardable flag, i.e. kinit --forwardable. telnet is able to forward tickets by itself. SEE ALSO
kinit(1), telnet(1), kfd(8) Heimdal July 2, 2000 Heimdal
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