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rtpfeed(1) [debian man page]

RTPFEED(1)							      Debian								RTPFEED(1)

rtpfeed - Feed a DVB-S card with an RTP unicast/multicast/broacast stream SYNOPSIS
rtpfeed [ --group group ] [ --port port R] [ --vpid vpid ] [ --apid apid ] rtpfeed --help rtpfeed --version DESCRIPTION
rtpfeed takes a unicast, multicast or broadcast RTP stream from a network (typically generated by dvbstream running on a server) and feeds it to a DVB-S card for decoding and display. As an RTP transport stream from dvbstream can contain multiple (up to eight) video streams and audio streams, the streams to display may be explicitly named on the command line. OPTIONS
-g, --group addr The IP address of the RTP stream. By default, this is -p, --port portnum The IP port of the RTP stream. By default, this is 5004. -v, --vpid vpid The Video PID of the video stream to display. If none is specified, all present are fed to the DVB card. -v, --apid apid The Audio PID of the audio stream to display. If none is specified, all present are fed to the DVB card. --help display this help and exit --version output version information and exit SEE ALSO
dvbstream(1), dumprtp(1), and ts2es(1) HISTORY
Parts of this program were taken from dumprtp.c by David Podeur. AUTHORS
rtpfeed was writteb by Guenter Wildmann, <>, with parts taken from dumprtp.c by David Podeur. This man page was written by Alastair McKinstry, <>. Linux 28 July 2002 RTPFEED(1)

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Aggregartp(1)						      General Commands Manual						     Aggregartp(1)

aggregartp - Splits a single RTP stream to several contribution links with load balancing. SYNOPSIS
aggregartp [-i <RT priority>] [-t <ttl>] [-o] [-o <SSRC IP>] [-U] [-m <mtu>] @<src host> <dest host 1>[,<weight 1>] ... [<dest host N>,<weight N>] DESCRIPTION
Aggregartp split a single RTP stream to several contributions links with load balancing. ITEMS
Host format [<connect addr>[:<connect port>]][@[<bind addr][:<bind port>]] OPTIONS
-h Show summary of options -i <RT priority> Real time priority -m <mtu> Specify the MTU -o <SSRC IP> RTP SSRC -t <ttl> TTL of the packets send by aggregartp -U Prepend RTP header -w Overwrite RTP timestamps SEE ALSO
desaggregartp(1). ingests(1). multicat(1), offsets(1). Read the README file for more information about the configuration of aggregartp. AUTHOR
aggregartp was written by Christophe Massiot. LICENCE
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of version 2 of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. This manual page was written by Remi Duraffort <ivoire at videolan dot org>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others). Multicat 1.0 August 23, 2010 Aggregartp(1)
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