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RPING(1)							     librdmacm								  RPING(1)

rping - RDMA CM connection and RDMA ping-pong test. SYNOPSIS
rping -s [-v] [-V] [-d] [-P] [-a address] [-p port] [-C message_count] [-S message_size] rping -c [-v] [-V] [-d] -a address [-p port] [-C message_count] [-S message_size] DESCRIPTION
Establishes a reliable RDMA connection between two nodes using the librdmacm, optionally performs RDMA transfers between the nodes, then disconnects. OPTIONS
-s Run as the server. -c Run as the client. -a address On the server, specifies the network address to bind the connection to. On the client, specifies the server address to connect to. -p Port number for listening server. -v Display ping data. -V Validate ping data. -d Display debug information. -C message_count The number of messages to transfer over each connection. (default infinite) -S message_size The size of each message transferred, in bytes. (default 100) -P Run the server in persistent mode. This allows multiple rping clients to connect to a single server instance. The server will run until killed. NOTES
Because this test maps RDMA resources to userspace, users must ensure that they have available system resources and permissions. See the libibverbs README file for additional details. SEE ALSO
rdma_cm(7), ucmatose(1), udaddy(1), mckey(1) librdmacm 2007-05-15 RPING(1)

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UCMATOSE(1)							     librdmacm							       UCMATOSE(1)

ucmatose - RDMA CM connection and simple ping-pong test. SYNOPSIS
ucmatose [-s server_address] [-b bind_address] [-c connections] [-C message_count] [-S message_size] ucmatose -s server_address [-b bind_address] [-c connections] [-C message_count] [-S message_size] [-t tos] DESCRIPTION
Establishes a set of reliable RDMA connections between two nodes using the librdmacm, optionally transfers data between the nodes, then disconnects. OPTIONS
-s server_address The network name or IP address of the server system listening for connections. The used name or address must route over an RDMA device. This option must be specified by the client. -b bind_address The local network address to bind to. -c connections The number of connections to establish between the client and server. (default 1) -C message_count The number of messages to transfer over each connection. (default 10) -S message_size The size of each message transferred, in bytes. (default 100) -t tos Indicates the type of service used for the communication. Type of service is implementation dependent based on subnet configura- tion. -m Tests event channel migration. Migrates all communication identifiers to a different event channel for disconnect events. NOTES
Basic usage is to start ucmatose on a server system, then run ucmatose -s server_name on a client system. Because this test maps RDMA resources to userspace, users must ensure that they have available system resources and permissions. See the libibverbs README file for additional details. SEE ALSO
rdma_cm(7), udaddy(1), mckey(1), rping(1) librdmacm 2007-05-15 UCMATOSE(1)
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