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ROTATE(1)						      General Commands Manual							 ROTATE(1)

rotate - Rotate, mirror, and transpose JPEG images (losslessly whenever possible) SYNOPSIS
rotate { options } file [ file ... ] DESCRIPTION
rotate is a convenience frontend to jpegtran, allowing JPEG images to be rotated, mirrored, or transposed in several ways. These opera- tions are conducted losslessly (i.e., no image recompression) and keep all EXIF metadata intact. OPTIONS
-f, -flip, --flip {horizontal | vertical} horizontal: Mirror image horizontally (left-right). vertical : Mirror image vertically (top-bottom). -r, -rotate, --rotate {90 | 180 | 270} 90 : Rotate image 90 degrees clockwise. 180: Rotate image 180 degrees. 270: Rotate image 270 degrees clockwise (or 90 ccw). -tp, -transpose, --transpose Transpose image (across UL-to-LR axis). -tv, -transverse, --transverse] Transverse transpose (across UR-to-LL axis). SEE ALSO
jpegtran(1) AUTHOR
rotate is distributed as a component of jigl, written by Jason Paul <>. Its project page is located at This manual page was adapted from the program help text by Nicholas Breen <> for the Debian project (but may be used by oth- ers). October 8, 2006 ROTATE(1)

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pfsrotate(1)						      General Commands Manual						      pfsrotate(1)

pfsrotate - Rotate images 90 degrees. SYNOPSIS
pfsrotate [--r] [--help] DESCRIPTION
Use this command to rotate images from a stream of pfs. This command is useful for output on hardcopy devices with aspect ratios opposite to the input image. By default, the image is rotated clockwise. The --r option may be used to rotate the image counter-clockwise instead. OPTIONS
--r, -r Rotate the image counter-clockwise instead of clockwise. EXAMPLES
pfsin memorial.hdr | pfsrotate -r | pfsout memorial_gc.hdr Rotate memorial image 90 degrees counter-clockwise and save to memorial_gc.hdr. NOTES
To rotate an image 180 degrees, use pfsflip(1) with both the --h and --v options specified. SEE ALSO
pfsin(1) pfsout(1) pfsflip(1) BUGS
Please report bugs and comments to Alexander Efremov <>. pfsrotate(1)
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