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roffit(1)							   roffit Manual							 roffit(1)

roffit - convert nroff to HTML SYNOPSIS
roffit [options] < inputfile > outputfile DESCRIPTION
roffit converts the inputfile to outputfile. The inputfile must be an nroff formatted man page, and the outputfile will be an HTML docu- ment. OPTIONS
--bare The output HTML will not include any HTML, HEAD or BODY tags. Also not that when this is selected, there will be no inlined CSS but you will have to define the necessary classes yourself. --version Display version number and exit --mandir=<dir> Set a directory in which roffit will check for other man pages (in nroff [name].[num] format) that this one refers to. If found, a <a href> link will be made to that page with a html extension instead of the number. The file name in the generated link will be prefixed by the dir given with --hrefdir. This works for references specified as manpage(3) (within the emhpasis foformatting) and in a plain .BR section (often used in the SEE ALSO section). --hrefdir=<dir> Specify a directory to prefix generated href links created with the --mandir option. This defaults to ".". CSS CLASSES
h2.nroffsh The nroff ".SH" section. These are normally the "headlines" before each sub section within the man page. p.nroffip The nroff ".IP" section. These are normally the bullet kind used to list each option out of several in a list. Usually followed by a p.level0 containining the descriptive text. p.level0 Normal text at the first level. Normally not indented. p.level1 Text at next logical indent level. Normally indented one level right. p.level2 Text at the second logical indent level. Normally indented two levels right. span.bold Text marked to be bold. span.manpage Text marked as a reference to another man page. span.emphasis Text marked to be emphasized. p.roffit Used for the advertising final paragraph. WWW roffit 0.6 27 Feb 2004 roffit(1)

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Text::WordDiff::HTML(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				 Text::WordDiff::HTML(3pm)

       Text::WordDiff::HTML - XHTML formatting for Text::WordDiff

	   use Text::WordDiff;

	   my $diff = word_diff 'file1.txt', 'file2.txt'; { STYLE => 'HTML' };
	   my $diff = word_diff $string1,   $string2,    { STYLE => 'HTML' };
	   my $diff = word_diff *FH1,	     *FH2,	   { STYLE => 'HTML' };
	   my $diff = word_diff &reader1,   &reader2,    { STYLE => 'HTML' };
	   my $diff = word_diff @records1,  @records2,   { STYLE => 'HTML' };

	   # May also mix input types:
	   my $diff = word_diff @records1,  'file_B.txt', { STYLE => 'HTML' };

       This class subclasses Text::WordDiff::Base to provide a XHTML formatting for Text::WordDiff. See Term::WordDiff for usage details. This
       class should never be used directly.

       Text::WordDiff::HTML formats word diffs for viewing in a Web browser. The diff content is highlighted as follows:

       o   "<div class="file">"

	   This element contains the entire contents of the diff "file" returned by "word_diff()". All of the following elements are subsumed by
	   this one.

	   o   "<span class="fileheader">"

	       The header section for the files being "diff"ed, usually something like:

		 --- in.txt    Thu Sep	1 12:51:03 2005
		 +++ out.txt   Thu Sep	1 12:52:12 2005

	       This element immediately follows the opening "file" "<div>" element, but will not be present if Text::WordDif cannot deterimine the
	       file names for both files being compared.

	   o   "<span class="hunk">"

	       This element contains a single diff "hunk". Each hunk may contain the following elements:

	       o   "<ins>"

		   Inserted content.

	       o   "<del>"

		   Deleted content.

       You may do whatever you like with these elements and classes; I highly recommend that you style them using CSS. You'll find an example CSS
       file in the eg directory in the Text-WordDiff distribution.

See Also

       This module is stored in an open repository at the following address:


       Patches against Text::WordDiff are welcome. Please send bug reports to <>.

       David Wheeler <>

Copyright and License
       Copyright (c) 2005-2008 David Wheeler. Some Rights Reserved.

       This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

perl v5.10.0							    2009-09-24						 Text::WordDiff::HTML(3pm)
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