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REM(1)							      General Commands Manual							    REM(1)

rem - Invoke Remind with a default filename SYNOPSIS
rem [options] [date] [*rep] [time] DESCRIPTION
rem is a symbolic link to remind. When remind determines that it has been invoked as rem, it uses a default filename rather than expecting a filename to be supplied on the command line. If the environment variable DOTREMINDERS is set, remind uses the value of DOTREMINDERS as the filename. Otherwise, remind uses the file- name $HOME/.reminders AUTHOR
Remind was written by David F. Skoll <> SEE ALSO
remind 4th Berkeley Distribution 30 August 2007 REM(1)

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leave(1)						      General Commands Manual							  leave(1)

leave - remind you when you have to leave SYNOPSIS
The command waits until the specified time, then reminds you to leave. You are reminded 5 minutes and 1 minute before the actual time, at the time, and every minute thereafter. When you log off, exits. The time of day is in the form hhmm, where hh is a time in hours (which can range from 0 through 11 or 0 through 24 hours), and mm is the number of minutes after the specified hour. If the value of hh is greater than 11 (24-hour clock time), the specified value is reduced by 12 to a new value in the range of 0 through 11, thus ensuring that the alarm time is always set to activate within the next 12 hours. For example, if hhmm is 1350 and the current time is 4:00 PM (1600), the 1350 value is changed to 150 and the alarm is set for 1:50 AM, nine hours and 50 minutes later. On the other hand, if it is 9:00 AM and hhmm is specified as 2200 (10:00 PM), the value used is converted to 1000 and the alarm is set for one hour later instead of 13 hours as specified. If no argument is provided, prompts with A reply of newline causes to exit; otherwise the reply is assumed to be a time. This form is suitable for inclusion in a or file. The command ignores interrupts, quits, and terminate signals. To get rid of it you should either log off or use giving its process ID. EXAMPLES
The command sends an alarm (a beep) to your terminal to remind you that you have to leave at 12:04 and reminds you that you are late at one minute intervals after 12:04. WARNINGS
The command checks to see if a user has logged out by checking the file every 100 seconds. If a user logs out and logs back in to the same tty before makes its periodic check, may not know that the user has logged out. AUTHOR
was developed by the University of California, Berkeley. FILES
calendar(1). leave(1)
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