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qmp3check(1) [debian man page]

qmp3check(1)							 quelcom man pages						      qmp3check(1)

qmp3check - check and clean mp3 streams SYNOPSIS
qmp3check [option]... file... DESCRIPTION
qmp3check reads mp3 streams looking for invalid frames or, simply, garbage. it can be used as a mp3 file checker but also as a mp3 file cleaner because it is able to strip garbage bits from the streams. OPTIONS
-D, --delete delete invalid frames and garbage. use with care -h, --help show a brief help and exit -q, --quiet no output messages -T, --delete-tag delete tag (if exists). option --delete must be set. -v, --verbose show more detailed info -V, --version show version and exit BUGS
tests have been done only with mpeg version 1 layer iii streams, though it may (or not) work with other versions/layers. AUTHOR SEE ALSO
qmp3info(1), qmp3join(1), qmp3cut(1), qmp3report(1) qwavinfo(1), qwavjoin(1), qwavcut(1), qwavsilence(1), qwavfade(1), qwavheaderdump(1) quelcom 0.4.0 february 2001 qmp3check(1)

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qwavinfo(1)							 quelcom man pages						       qwavinfo(1)

qwavinfo - show info from wav files SYNOPSIS
qwavinfo [option]... file... DESCRIPTION
qwavinfo reads a list of wav files and prints on standard output some of its parameters: sample rate, bits per sample, mono/stereo and duration. a duration summary is appended at the end of the list. OPTIONS
-h, --help show a brief help and exit. -s, --summary-only show only the summary. do not show info from every file. -v, --verbose show also the number of bytes and samples. -V, --version show version and exit. BUGS
tests has been done only with 44100 Hz 16 bit stereo files, though it may work with mono/stereo 8/16 bits files. AUTHOR SEE ALSO
qwavjoin(1), qwavcut(1), qwavsilence(1), qwavfade(1), qwavheaderdump(1) qmp3info(1), qmp3join(1), qmp3cut(1), qmp3check(1), qmp3report(1) quelcom 0.4.0 february 2001 qwavinfo(1)
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