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PYCENTRAL()															       PYCENTRAL()

pycentral - register and build utility for Python packages SYNOPSIS
pycentral [-h] [-v] <cmd> [<cmd options>] [<args>] DESCRIPTION
pycentral provides support for installing python modules independent of the current installed Python version and handling byte-compilation and -removal tasks in installation scripts. OPTIONS
-v, --version Limit the output to the version numbers of the python versions. -h, --help Print a help text. pycentral has the following sub commands. For fine grained help, call: pycentral <cmd>. bccompile Byte compile .py files in a package. bcremove Remove the byte compiled .py files. list List all managed files. pkginstall Make a package available for all supported runtimes. pkgprepare Prepare a package for all supported runtimes. pkgremove Remove a package installed for all supported runtimes. pkglist List pycentral-managed files of a package for all supported runtimes. rtinstall Make installed packages available for this runtime. rtremove Remove packages installed for this runtime. updatedefault Update the default python version. debhelper move files to pycentral locaation, variable substitutions (called by dh_pycentral). pycentraldir <package> Show the installation directory used by pycentral for <package>. showdefault Show default python version number. Deprecated, use pyversions(1) showsupported Show the supported python versions. Deprecated, use pyversions(1) showversions Show version numbers of supported python versions. Deprecated, use pyversions(1) dh_pycentral, should not be called directly). version Show the pycentral version. FILES
/etc/python/debian_config is searched for the attribute overwrite-local. If set to 1, or True, existing files in /usr/lib/pythonX.Y/*-packages are overwritten with symbolic links to the pycentral install area. The default is to abort the installation of a package, when files already exist. This behaviour may be useful, when python libraries were manually installed into this directory. The attribute byte-compile can be set to a comma separated list of the values standard and optimze to indicate how files should be byte- compiled. SEE ALSO
pyversions(1), Python policy. AUTHOR
Matthias Klose PYCENTRAL()

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DH_PYTHON3(1)							   User Commands						     DH_PYTHON3(1)

dh_python3 - calculates Python 3 dependencies, adds maintainer scripts to byte compile files, etc. SYNOPSIS
dh_python3 -p PACKAGE [-V [X.Y][-][A.B]] DIR_OR_FILE [-X REGEXPR] OPTIONS
--version show program's version number and exit -h, --help show this help message and exit --no-guessing-deps disable guessing dependencies --no-dbg-cleaning do not remove any files from debug packages --skip-private don't check private directories -v, --verbose turn verbose mode on -i, --indep act on architecture independent packages -a, --arch act on architecture dependent packages -q, --quiet be quiet -p PACKAGE, --package=PACKAGE act on the package named PACKAGE -N NO_PACKAGE, --no-package=NO_PACKAGE do not act on the specified package -V VRANGE specify list of supported Python versions. See py3compile(1) for examples -X REGEXPR, --exclude=REGEXPR exclude items that match given REGEXPR. You may use this option multiple times to build up a list of things to exclude. --compile-all compile all files from given private directory in postinst/rtupdate not just the ones provided by the package (i.e. do not pass the --package parameter to py3compile/py3clean) --depends=DEPENDS translate given requirements into Debian dependencies and add them to ${python:Depends}. Use it for missing items in requires.txt. --recommends=RECOMMENDS translate given requirements into Debian dependencies and add them to ${python:Recommends} --suggests=SUGGESTS translate given requirements into Debian dependencies and add them to ${python:Suggests} SEE ALSO
/usr/share/doc/python3-doc/README.PyDist (python3-doc package) dh_python3 3.0~beta2 September 2010 DH_PYTHON3(1)
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