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py2dsc(1) [debian man page]

PY2DSC(1)							   User Commands							 PY2DSC(1)

py2dsc - creates Debian source package from Python package DESCRIPTION
usage: py2dsc [options] distfile or: py2dsc --help where distfile is a .zip or .tar.gz file built with the sdist command of distutils. OPTIONS
--dist-dir (-d) directory to put final built distributions in (default='deb_dist') --patch-already-applied (-a) patch was already applied (used when py2dsc calls sdist_dsc) --default-distribution deprecated (see --suite) --suite (-z) distribution name to use if not specified in .cfg (default='unstable') --default-maintainer deprecated (see --maintainer) --maintainer (-m) maintainer name and email to use if not specified in .cfg (default from --extra-cfg-file (-x) additional .cfg file (in addition to stdeb.cfg if present) --patch-file (-p) patch file applied before called (incompatible with file specified in .cfg) --patch-level (-l) patch file applied before called (incompatible with file specified in .cfg) --patch-posix (-q) apply the patch with --posix mode --remove-expanded-source-dir (-r) remove the expanded source directory --ignore-install-requires (-i) ignore the requirements from requires.txt in the egg-info directory --pycentral-backwards-compatibility This option has no effect, is here for backwards compatibility, and may be removed someday. --workaround-548392 This option has no effect, is here for backwards compatibility, and may be removed someday. --force-buildsystem If True, pass '-- buildsystem=python_distutils' to dh sequencer --no-backwards-compatibility This option has no effect, is here for backwards compatibility, and may be removed someday. --guess-conflicts-provides-replaces If True, attempt to guess Conflicts/Provides/Replaces in debian/control based on apt-cache output. (Default=False). py2dsc 0.6.0+20100620 May 2011 PY2DSC(1)

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WHAT-PATCH(1)                                                 General Commands Manual                                                WHAT-PATCH(1)

what-patch - detect which patch system a Debian package uses SYNOPSIS
what-patch [options] DESCRIPTION
what-patch examines the debian/rules file to determine which patch system the Debian package is using. what-patch should be run from the root directory of the Debian source package. OPTIONS
Listed below are the command line options for what-patch: -h, --help Display a help message and exit. -v Enable verbose mode. This will include the listing of any files modified outside or the debian/ directory and report any additional details about the patch system if available. AUTHORS
what-patch was written by Kees Cook <>, Siegfried-A. Gevatter <>, and Daniel Hahler <>, among others. This manual page was written by Jonathan Patrick Davies <>. Both are released under the GNU General Public License, version 3 or later. SEE ALSO
The Ubuntu MOTU team has some documentation about patch systems at the Ubuntu wiki: cdbs-edit-patch(1), dbs-edit-patch(1), dpatch-edit-patch(1) DEBIAN Debian Utilities WHAT-PATCH(1)
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