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ptrepack(1) [debian man page]

PTREPACK(1)						      General Commands Manual						       PTREPACK(1)

ptrepack - Copy any PyTables Leaf, Group or complete subtree into another file. SYNOPSIS
ptrepack -h -v -o -R start,stop,step --non-recursive --dest-title=title --dont-copyuser-attrs --overwrite-nodes --complevel=(0-9) --com- plib=lib --shuffle=(0|1) --fletcher32=(0|1) --keep-source-filters --upgrade-flavors --dont-regenerate-old-indexes sourcefile:sourcegroup destfile:destgroup DESCRIPTION
Copy any Leaf, Group or complete subtree from a PyTables file into another file. OPTIONS
A summary of options is included below. -h Prints a help text. -v Show more information. -o Overwite destination file. -R RANGE Select a RANGE of rows in the form start,stop,step during the copy of all the leaves. --non-recursive Do not do a recursive copy. Default is to do it. --dest-title=title Title for the new file (if not specified, the source is copied). --dont-copy-userattrs Do not copy the user attrs (default is to do it). --overwrite-nodes Overwrite destination nodes if they exist. Default is not to overwrite them. --complevel=(0-9) Set a compression level (0 for no compression, which is the default). --complib=lib Set the compression library to be used during the copy. lib can be set to "zlib", "lzo", "ucl" or "bzip2". Defaults to "zlib". --shuffle=(0|1) Activate or not the shuffling filter (default is active if complevel>0). --fletcher32=(0|1) Whether to activate or not the fletcher32 filter (not active by default). --keep-source-filters Use the original filters in source files. The default is not doing that if any of --complevel, --complib, --shuffle or --fletcher32 option is specified. --upgrade-flavors When repacking PyTables 1.x files, the flavor of leaves will be unset. With this, such a leaves will be serialized as objects with the internal flavor ("numpy" for 2.x series). --dont-regenerate-old-indexes Disable regenerating old indexes. The default is to regenerate old indexes as they are found. SEE ALSO
ptdump(1). These utilities are documented fully by PyTables user's manual. AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Francesc Altet <>. July 7, 2007 PTREPACK(1)

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AdvanceCOMP Deflate Compression Utility(1)		      General Commands Manual			AdvanceCOMP Deflate Compression Utility(1)

advdef - AdvanceCOMP Deflate Compression Utility SYNOPSIS
advdef [-z, --recompress] [-0, --shrink-store] [-1, --shrink-fast] [-2, --shrink-normal] [-3, --shrink-extra] [-4, --shrink-insane] [-f, --force] [-q, --quiet] [-h, --help] [-V, --version] FILES... DESCRIPTION
The main purpose of this utility is to recompress the data present in the .png, .mng, .gz, .tgz and .svgz files. The internal structure of the files isn't changed. Only the compressed data is modified. OPTIONS
-z, --recompress FILES... Recompress the specified files. If the -1, -2, -3, -4 options are specified it's used the smallest file choice from the previous compressed data and the new compression. If the -0 option is specified the file is always rewritten without any compression. -0, --shrink-store Disable the compression. The file is only stored and not compressed. The file is always rewritten also if it's bigger. -1, --shrink-fast Set the compression level to "fast". -2, --shrink-normal Set the compression level to "normal". This is the default level of compression. -3, --shrink-extra Set the compression level to "extra". -4, --shrink-insane Set the compression level to "insane". It's VERY SLOW. -f, --force Force the use of the new file also if it's bigger. LIMITATIONS
The advdef program cannot be used to recompress huge files because it needs to allocate memory for both the complete compressed and uncom- pressed data. COPYRIGHT
This file is Copyright (C) 2003, 2004 Andrea Mazzoleni SEE ALSO
advpng(1), advmng(1), advzip(1), gzip(1), bzip2(1) AdvanceCOMP Deflate Compression Utility(1)

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