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POSTMARK(1)							     Postmark							       POSTMARK(1)

postmark - file system benchmark program by NetApp. SYNOPSIS
postmark [config-file] DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the postmark program. When postmark is run it gives a command-line interface to configure and run tests. The "help" command displays basic information on how to operate it. The name of a text file containing commands may be specified on the command line. The next version of this man page will have more information. AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Russell Coker <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). 2001-09-13 POSTMARK(1)

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logprn(1)							     logtools								 logprn(1)

logprn - merge Common-Log Format web logs based on time-stamps SYNOPSIS
logprn logfile idle-time[:max-wait] command DESCRIPTION
The logprn program is designed to print new data that is appended to log files. It will wait until a specified amount of time has elapsed since the last write to the file before printing the data. It will print the data by pipeing it to a specified command. The command will be run by popen(3) so the usual shell commands will operate (whether this is a bug or a feature is a matter of opinion). OPTIONS
logfile specifies a file to read data from. It should be a regular file not a pipe, device, or anything else. idle-time max-wait command EXIT STATUS
0 Never happens, this program will run forever. 1 Bad command-line parameters or couldn't stat the log file on startup - couldn't start the program. 2 File disappeared or became unreadable at run-time. 3 Can't run the specified command. AUTHOR
This program, its manual page, and the Debian package were written by Russell Coker <>. BUGS
Uses popen (3) but I consider this a feature not a bug. SEE ALSO
popen(3) Russell Coker <;> 0.06 logprn(1)
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