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polygraph-server(1) [debian man page]

POLYGRAPH-SERVER(1)						   User Commands					       POLYGRAPH-SERVER(1)

polygraph-server - Web Polygraph server simulator SYNOPSIS
server [--option ...] OPTIONS
--help list of options --version package version info --host_type package build environment info --verb_lvl <int> console verbosity level --dump <list> dump request/replies/errors headers/bodies to console --dump_size <size> limit size of individual msg dump --notify <addr> send notifications to a [remote] monitoring program --doorman_listen_at <addr> where to listen for (and respond to) meta-information requests --doorman_send_to <addr> where to forward meta-information --label <str> run label --fd_limit <int> decrease default fd limit --config <file> configuration file name --cfg_dirs <list> directories to search for cfg files --console <file> redirect console output --log <file> detailed binary log file --log_buf_size <size> buffer size for binary log --store_working_set <file> store working set --load_working_set <file> load working set --sample_log <file> log file for samples --sample_log_buf_size <size> buffer size for sample log --accept_foreign_msgs accept foreign requests or responses --stats_cycle <time> statistics cycle length --file_scan <epoll|poll|select> system call to use for scanning ready files --priority_sched <int> priority level for urgent socket operations --fake_hosts <list> use given addresses, do not lookup real interfaces --delete_old_addrs <bool> delete old IP aliases before adding new ones --idle_tout <time> exit after inactivity timeout --local_rng_seed <int> per-process r.n.g. seed --global_rng_seed <int> per-test r.n.g. seed --unique_world <bool> use URL set that is unique across runs --hushed_error_tout <time> hush frequent error reporting for that long --ign_urls <bool> generate content regardless of the URLs COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2003-2006 The Measurement Factory, Inc. SEE ALSO
polygraph(7) - general information and a list of programs - project web site polygraph-server - Web Polygraph February 2010 POLYGRAPH-SERVER(1)

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MERGELOGS(1)						      General Commands Manual						      MERGELOGS(1)

mergelogs - merge and consolidate web server logs SYNOPSIS
mergelogs -p penlog [-c] [-d] [-j jitter] [-t seconds] server1:logfile1 [server2:logfile2 ...] EXAMPLES
mergelogs -p pen.log mergelogs -p pen.log DESCRIPTION
When pen is used to load balance web servers, the web server log file lists all accesses as coming from the host running pen. This makes it more difficult to analyze the log file. To solve this, pen creates its own log file, which contains the real client address, the time of the access, the target server address and the first few bytes of the requests. Mergelogs reads pen's log file and the log files of all load balanced web servers, compares each entry and creates a combined log file that looks as if the web server cluster were a single physical server. Client addresses are replaced with the real client addresses. In the event that no matching client address can be found in the pen log, the server address is used instead. This should never happen, and is meant as a debugging tool. A large number of these indicates that the server system date needs to be set, or that the jitter value is too small. You probably don't want to use this program. Penlog is a much more elegant and functional solution. OPTIONS
-c Do not cache pen log entries. The use of this option is not recommended, as it will make mergelogs search the entire pen log for every line in the web server logs. -d Debugging (repeat for more). -p penlog Log file from pen. -j jitter Jitter in seconds (default 600). This is the maximum variation in time stamps in the pen and web server log files. A smaller value will result in a smaller pen log cache and faster processing, at the risk of missed entries. -t seconds The difference in seconds between the time on the pen server and UTC. For example, this is 7200 (two hours) in Finland. server:logfile Web server address and name of log file. AUTHOR
Copyright (C) 2001-2003 Ulric Eriksson, <>. SEE ALSO
pen(1), webresolve(1), penlog(1), penlogd(1) LOCAL MERGELOGS(1)
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