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polygraph-pop-test(1) [debian man page]

POLYGRAPH-POP-TEST(1)						   User Commands					     POLYGRAPH-POP-TEST(1)

polygraph-pop-test - predicts cache hit ratios for a given workload SYNOPSIS
pop-test [--option ...] OPTIONS
--help list of options --version package version info --out <file> redirect console output --cachable <%> portion of cachable replies --public_interest <%> portion of URLs shared among all robots --recurrence <%> probability of a re-visit to a URL --work_set_size <size> working set size --cache_size <size> cache size --obj_size <size> average object size --robots <int> total number of robots to simulate --pop_model <str> popularity model --sim_length <int> total number of request to simulate COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2003-2006 The Measurement Factory, Inc. SEE ALSO
polygraph(7) - general information and a list of programs - project web site polygraph-pop-test - Web Polygraph February 2010 POLYGRAPH-POP-TEST(1)

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POLYGRAPH-CMP-LX(1)						   User Commands					       POLYGRAPH-CMP-LX(1)

polygraph-cmp-lx - log comparison tool SYNOPSIS [--precision=percent] [--scope=important|all] <f1.lx> <f2.lx> DESCRIPTION
Cmp-lx compares results from two tests and prints stats that differ significantly. With important scope some stats are ignored. The follow- ing events are not important: *.last *.min and *.max except for *.hist.min and *.hist.max *.mean if there is corresponding *.hist.mean rare events Histogram and errors are important. Rare events are events that happened in less than 0.1% of the cases where they could have occurred. Measurements related to such events are not important. Event rate is calculated using xact.started measurement as total count. List of events: basic offered hit miss cachable uncachable fill ims reload range head post put abort page ssl ftp 100_continue proxy_validations auth tunneled proxy_validation rep req OPTIONS
--precision=percent difference threshold in percent, default: 10 --scope=important|all which stats to compare, default: important COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2003-2006 The Measurement Factory, Inc. SEE ALSO
polygraph(7) - general information and a list of programs - project web site polygraph-cmp-lx - Web Polygraph February 2010 POLYGRAPH-CMP-LX(1)
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