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polygraph-client(1) [debian man page]

POLYGRAPH-CLIENT(1)						   User Commands					       POLYGRAPH-CLIENT(1)

polygraph-client - Web Polygraph client simulator SYNOPSIS
client [--option ...] OPTIONS
--help list of options --version package version info --host_type package build environment info --verb_lvl <int> console verbosity level --dump <list> dump request/replies/errors headers/bodies to console --dump_size <size> limit size of individual msg dump --notify <addr> send notifications to a [remote] monitoring program --doorman_listen_at <addr> where to listen for (and respond to) meta-information requests --doorman_send_to <addr> where to forward meta-information --label <str> run label --fd_limit <int> decrease default fd limit --config <file> configuration file name --cfg_dirs <list> directories to search for cfg files --console <file> redirect console output --log <file> detailed binary log file --log_buf_size <size> buffer size for binary log --store_working_set <file> store working set --load_working_set <file> load working set --sample_log <file> log file for samples --sample_log_buf_size <size> buffer size for sample log --accept_foreign_msgs accept foreign requests or responses --stats_cycle <time> statistics cycle length --file_scan <epoll|poll|select> system call to use for scanning ready files --priority_sched <int> priority level for urgent socket operations --fake_hosts <list> use given addresses, do not lookup real interfaces --delete_old_addrs <bool> delete old IP aliases before adding new ones --idle_tout <time> exit after inactivity timeout --local_rng_seed <int> per-process r.n.g. seed --global_rng_seed <int> per-test r.n.g. seed --unique_world <bool> use URL set that is unique across runs --hushed_error_tout <time> hush frequent error reporting for that long --proxy <host:port> proxy location --ports <port_range> port range for explicit binding --loadable_modules <filenames> dynamic modules to load --icp_tout <time> how long to wait for an ICP_HIT reply --ign_false_hits <bool> ignore false hits --ign_bad_cont_tags <bool> ignore bad content tags --prn_false_misses <bool> dump rep headers of false misses COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2003-2006 The Measurement Factory, Inc. SEE ALSO
polygraph(7) - general information and a list of programs - project web site polygraph-client - Web Polygraph February 2010 POLYGRAPH-CLIENT(1)

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SEIVOTS-SUMMARY(1)					      General Commands Manual						SEIVOTS-SUMMARY(1)

seivots-summary - summarize seivot output files SYNOPSIS
seivots-summary [--config=FILE] [--dump-config] [--dump-memory-profile=METHOD] [--dump-setting-names] [--generate-manpage=TEMPLATE] [-h] [--help] [--list-config-files] [--log=FILE] [--log-keep=N] [--log-level=LEVEL] [--log-max=SIZE] [--log-mode=MODE] [--no-default-configs] [--output=FILE] [--version] [FILE]... DESCRIPTION
seivots-summary reads some benchmark result files created by summain(1), and produces summaries of them in tabular form, making it easy to compare results from different benchmark runs. OPTIONS
--config=FILE add FILE to config files --dump-config write out the entire current configuration --dump-memory-profile=METHOD make memory profiling dumps using METHOD, which is one of: none, simple, meliae, or heapy (default: simple) --dump-setting-names write out all names of settings and quit --generate-manpage=TEMPLATE fill in manual page TEMPLATE -h, --help show this help message and exit --list-config-files list all possible config files --log=FILE write log entries to FILE (default is to not write log files at all); use "syslog" to log to system log, or "none" to disable log- ging --log-keep=N keep last N logs (10) --log-level=LEVEL log at LEVEL, one of debug, info, warning, error, critical, fatal (default: debug) --log-max=SIZE rotate logs larger than SIZE, zero for never (default: 0) --log-mode=MODE set permissions of new log files to MODE (octal; default 0600) --no-default-configs clear list of configuration files to read --output=FILE write output to FILE, instead of standard output --version show program's version number and exit EXAMPLE
To summarize all benchmark files: seivots-summary $HOME/obnam/benchmarks/*/*.seivot | less -S SEE ALSO
seivot(1), obnam(1). SEIVOTS-SUMMARY(1)
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