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pob-fec(1) [debian man page]

POB-FEC(1)							   User Command 							POB-FEC(1)

pob-fec - receive FEC MP3 streams SYNOPSIS
pob-fec [ -s address ] [ -p port ] [ -b size ] [ -q ] DESCRIPTION
pob-fec receives a FEC MP3 stream using a custom protocol. The streamed MP3 frames are first decomposed in autonomous data units (ADUs). These ADUs are grouped into ADU groups, which are encoded redundantly using a FEC method by Luigi Rizzo. For example, a group if 8 ADUs can be encoded into 16 packets. Any 8 received packets of these 16 packets is sufficient to recover the original 8 ADUs. The incoming MP3 stream is decoded, buffered and written to stdout. OPTIONS
-s address Specify the address to listen to (default If the address is a multicast address, group membership is requested automat- ically. -p port Specify the port to listen to. -b size Specify the number of ADU groups that are hold in the buffer (default 16). -q Don't output any information on standard error. EXAMPLES
pob-fec -s -p 8989 | mpg123 - Receive the MP3 FEC stream sent to on port 8989 and feed it into the MP3 decoder mpg123. AUTHORS
Manuel Odendahl <>, Florian Wesch <> February 2005 POB-FEC(1)

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NG_FEC(4)                                                  BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual                                                  NG_FEC(4)

ng_fec -- netgraph Fast EtherChannel node SYNOPSIS
#include <netgraph/ng_fec.h> DESCRIPTION
The fec node implements Ethernet port trunking using the ``Cisco Fast EtherChannel'' protocol. Upon creation, a fec node creates a network interface associated with it. Interfaces are named ``fec0'', ``fec1'', etc. New nodes take the first available unit. HOOKS
The fec node accepts any hooks. However it does not use them. Under normal operation, a fec node should not have any hooks. CONTROL MESSAGES
Interface membership in the FEC group is configured with the following control messages: NGM_FEC_ADD_IFACE (``add_iface'') Attach interface to the FEC group. The target interface name is passed as a string argument. NGM_FEC_DEL_IFACE (``del_iface'') Remove interface from the trunk. The target interface name is passed as a string argument. The following control messages define the forwarding method for a node: NGM_FEC_SET_MODE_MAC (``set_mode_mac'') Forwarding decisions will be based on the link-layer MAC address of the destination. NGM_FEC_SET_MODE_INET (``set_mode_inet'') Forwarding decisions will be based on the IP address of the destination. SHUTDOWN
This node shuts down upon receipt of a NGM_SHUTDOWN control message. EXAMPLES
The following example script creates an fec node, attaches four Ethernet interfaces to it and sets the forwarding method to be IP-address based: /usr/sbin/ngctl -f- << SEQ mkpeer fec dummy fec msg fec0: add_iface "dc0" msg fec0: add_iface "dc1" msg fec0: add_iface "dc2" msg fec0: add_iface "dc3" msg fec0: set_mode_inet SEQ SEE ALSO
netgraph(4) HISTORY
The fec node type was implemented in FreeBSD 5.0. AUTHORS
The fec node was written by Bill Paul <>. This manual page was written by Gleb Smirnoff <>. BSD July 22, 2004 BSD
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