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pfstag(1)						      General Commands Manual							 pfstag(1)

pfstag - Set or remove tags to/from pfs stream SYNOPSIS
pfstag [--set [channel:]name=value] [--remove [channel:]name] DESCRIPTION
Use this command to set or remove tags from the pfs-stream. Tags are used to add additional information to pfs frames and they are in the format: 'name=value'. To learn more about tags, read 'Specification of the PFS File Format'. Tags are set/removed to/from all pfs frames in the stream. Note that currently only OpenEXR file format supports tags. OPTIONS
--set [channel:]name=value], -s [channel:]name=value], --add [channel:]name=value] Change existing or add a new tag of the given name. If no channel is given, tags are added to the frame. --remove [channel:]name], -r [channel:]name] Remove tag of the given name. Ignore if the tag does not exist. If no channel is given, tags are removed from the frame. EXAMPLES
pfsin memorial.hdr | pfstag --add "EXTRA_INFO=foo" | pfsout memorial_ei.exr Add tag "EXTRA_INFO=foo" to the memorial image and save it as memorial_ei.exr. SEE ALSO
pfsin(1) pfsout(1) BUGS
Please report bugs and comments to Rafal Mantiuk <>. pfstag(1)

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pfsinexr(1)						      General Commands Manual						       pfsinexr(1)

pfsinexr - Load images or frames in OpenEXR format SYNOPSIS
pfsinexr [--keep-rgb] (<file> [--frames <range>] [--skip-missing]) [<file>...] DESCRIPTION
Use this command to read frames in OpenEXR format. The frames are converted to pfs stream and send to the standard output. This command can read arbitrary channels from OpenEXR files; color channels XYZ are however specially handled (see option keep-rgb). pfsinexr reads also all string attributes from OpenEXR file and write them as tags in pfs stream. Attributes of other types are ignored. If attribute name contains a colon (:), the part before colon is treated as a channel name and the attribute is assigned to that channel (sim- ilar notation as command line argument of pfstag program). pfsinexr recognizes OpenEXR standard attribute WhiteLuminance and multiplies the data by that value to get absolute luminance values (see also --fix-halfmax switch in pfsoutexr). Additionally the tag LUMINANCE is set to ABSOLUTE unless OpenEXR files contains attribute LUMI- NANCE set to semething else. That is the channel Y is assumued to represent absolute luminance levels in cd/m^2. If an OpenEXR file contains 'Z' channel, it is renamed to 'DEPTH' to avoid conflict with the Z color channel for the XYZ color space. Details on the format of the pattern file names, which are used for reading multiple frames, can be found in the manual page of pfsinppm. To automatically recognize a file format from the extension, use pfsin command instead. --keep-rgb By default, color channels R, G and B from an OpenEXR file are converted to XYZ color space, which is suggested format for color data in pfs. When keep-rgb option is specified, color channels RGB are stored as they are without any conversion. EXAMPLES
pfsin memorial.exr | pfsout memorial.hdr Converts from one HDR format to another BUGS
pfsinexr and pfsoutexr can not take stdin / stdout as an input/output (dash '-' instead of file name). Please report bugs and comments on implementation to the discussion group SEE ALSO
pfsin(1) pfsinppm(1) pfsoutexr(1) pfsinexr(1)
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