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PENLOGD(1)						      General Commands Manual							PENLOGD(1)

penlogd - consolidate web server logs SYNOPSIS
penlogd [-fd] [-j dir] [-l logfile] [-n N] [-p pidfile] [-u user] port EXAMPLE
penlogd -l /var/log/access_log -p /var/run/ 10000 DESCRIPTION
Penlogd receives log entries from Pen and from each of the web servers. It consolidates the entries by replacing the source addresses in each entry with the "real" client address and writes the result to stdout or to the file given on the command line. This completely removes the need for postprocessing with mergelogs, since the logs are already merged. Pen must be instructed to send its log to penlogd. See HOWTO and pen man page for details. Sending penlogd a HUP signal will make it close and reopen the logfile, unless it is logging to stdout. Rotate the log like this: mv access_log access_log.1 kill -HUP `cat <pidfile>` where <pidfile> is the file containing pen's process id. Sending penlogd a TERM signal will make it close the log file and exit cleanly. OPTIONS
-d Turn on debugging. The output goes to stderr if we are running in the foreground (see -f) and to syslog (facility user, priority debug) otherwise. -f Stay in foreground. -j dir Run in a chroot environment. -l logfile Write output into logfile. -n N Number of pen log entries to cache (default 1000). -p pidfile Write process id into pidfile. -u user Run as a different user. port The UDP port where penlogd receives log entries. SEE ALSO
pen(1), penlog(1), webresolve(1) AUTHOR
Copyright (C) 2002-2003 Ulric Eriksson, <>. LOCAL PENLOGD(1)

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BOOTLOGD(8)						Linux System Administrator's Manual					       BOOTLOGD(8)

bootlogd - record boot messages SYNOPSIS
/sbin/bootlogd [-c] [-d] [-r] [-s] [-v] [ -l logfile ] [ -p pidfile ] DESCRIPTION
Bootlogd runs in the background and copies all strings sent to the /dev/console device to a logfile. If the logfile is not accessible, the messages will be kept in memory until it is. OPTIONS
-d Do not fork and run in the background. -c Attempt to write to the logfile even if it does not yet exist. Without this option, bootlogd will wait for the logfile to appear before attempting to write to it. This behavior prevents bootlogd from creating logfiles under mount points. -r If there is an existing logfile called logfile rename it to logfile~ unless logfile~ already exists. -s Ensure that the data is written to the file after each line by calling fdatasync(3). This will slow down a fsck(8) process running in parallel. -v Show version. -l logfile Log to this logfile. The default is /var/log/boot. -p pidfile Put process-id in this file. The default is no pidfile. BUGS
Bootlogd works by redirecting the console output from the console device. (Consequently bootlogd requires PTY support in the kernel con- figuration.) It copies that output to the real console device and to a log file. There is no standard way of ascertaining the real con- sole device if you have a new-style /dev/console device (major 5, minor 1) so bootlogd parses the kernel command line looking for con- sole=... lines and deduces the real console device from that. If that syntax is ever changed by the kernel, or a console type is used that bootlogd does not know about then bootlogd will not work. AUTHOR
Miquel van Smoorenburg, SEE ALSO
dmesg(8),fdatasync(3). Jul 21, 2003 BOOTLOGD(8)
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