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PARCELLITE(1)						      General Commands Manual						     PARCELLITE(1)

Parcellite - Lightweight GTK+ Clipboard Manager SYNOPSIS
Parcellite is a lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager. This is a stripped down, basic-features-only clipboard manager with a small memory footprint for those who like simplicity. Parcellite features a clipboard CLI. Unrecognized options and the contents of your standard input get copied to your clipboard. See CLI EXAMPLES. Look at the tool tips by hovering over each item in the prefrences dialog. OPTIONS
-?, --help Show help options -d, --daemon Run as daemon. Use this mode if you just want Parcellite to keep your clipboard and primary contents safe -n, --no-icon Do not use status icon -c, --clipboard Print clipboard contents -p, --primary Print primary contents ACTIONS
Parcellite's actions perform commands using the contents of your clipboard. "%s" in the command is replaced with the clipboard contents. CLI EXAMPLES
echo "copied to clipboard" | parcellite parcellite "copied to clipboard" echo "copied to clipboard" | parcellite -c Hotkeys The available hotkey modifiers are <Ctrl>, <Alt> <Shift>, <Release>, <Meta>, <Super>, <Hyper>, <Mod[1-5]> Preferences Right-click on the parcellite icon in the systray to access the preferences. Behavior Tab Clipboards generally checking all these boxes is appropriate. History Check 'Save history' to save history on close. 'Position history' - Set the location where history appears. If unchecked, appears where the mouse is. 'X' - X location in pixels. 0 is top of screen. 'Y' - Y location in pixels. 0 is left of screen. 'Max Data Size (MB)' - Set Maximum amount of data to copy for each entry in MBytes. 0 is no limit. Miscellaneous 'Search As You Type' - If checked, does a search-as-you-type. Turns red if not found. Goes to top (Alt-E) line when no chars are entered for search 'Case Sensitive Search' - If checked, does case sensitive search. 'Ignore Whitespace Only' - If checked, will ignore any clipboard additions that contain only whitespace. 'Trim Whitespace' - If checked, will trim whitespace from beginning and end of entry. 'Trim Newlines' - If checked, will replace newlines with spaces. Display Tab 'Show in Single line' does nothing 'Show in reverse order' reverses the history so the first entry is last and the last is first. 'Omit items' referrs to omitting characters that don't fit in the history window width. This is for display only. History Dialog Behavior use the Ctrl or Shift key in conjunction with right-click. If you hold Ctrl, then it toggles the delete on a single item. If you hold Shift while holding down right-click (this is like a right-drag), then it toggles each item as it enters the item. To complete the delete, hit enter. SEE ALSO
Website: AUTHOR
Written by Gilberto "Xyhthyx" Miralla <>. Gilberto is no longer maintaining the project. 'Rickyrockrat' is his replace- ment. BUGS
Please include your ~/.config/parcellite/parcelliterc file when filing a bug. This will give me your preferences. Please report any bugs to the bug tracker via this web page: Use the 'Bugs' under project trackers to file a bug if you are registered with Source Forge. If not, email rickyrockrat (rickyrockrat at, or click the 'project administers' in the link above. August 7 2011 PARCELLITE(1)
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