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otfaux(1) [debian man page]

OTFAUX(1)							   User Commands							 OTFAUX(1)

otfaux - otfaux DESCRIPTION
otfaux - append snapshots and statistics to existing otf traces at given 'break' time stamps. otfaux [Options] <file name> Options: -h, --help show this help message -V show OTF version -b <size> buffer size for read and write operations -n <n> number of breaks (distributed regularly) if -p and -t are not set, the default for -n is 200 breaks -p <p> create break every 'p' ticks (if both, -n and -p are specified the one producing more breaks wins) -t <t> define (additional) break at given time stamp -F force overwrite old snapshots and statistics -R delete existing snapshots and statistics only -f <n> max number of filehandles output --funcgroups create functiongroup summaries instead of function summaries --filegroups create file group summaries instead of file summaries -v verbose mode, print break time stamps -a show advancing progress during operation --snapshots write ONLY snapshots but NO statistics --statistics write ONLY statistics but NO snapshots -s a[,b]* regard given streams only when computing statistics. expects a single token or comma separated list. this implies the '--statis- tics' option! -l list existing stream tokens otfaux 1.10.2 May 2012 OTFAUX(1)

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GITSTATS(1)							   User Commands						       GITSTATS(1)

gitstats - git history statistics generator SYNOPSIS
gitstats [options] <repository dir> <output dir> DESCRIPTION
gitstats is a statistics generator for git(1) repositories. It examines the repository and produces some interesting statistics from the history of it. Currently HTML is the only output format. OPTIONS
-c option=value Override a default configuration value. Defaults can be seen by running gitstats without parameters. Values: authors_top How many top authors to show. commit_begin, commit_end Specify a commit range to generate statistics from. You can specify only commit_end limit statistics to a certain commit or another branch. max_authors How many authors to show in the list of authors. max_domains How many domains to show in domains by commits. max_ext_length Maximum file extension length. style CSS stylesheet to use. FAQ
Q: How do I generate statistics of a non-master branch? A: Use "-c commit_end=web" parameter. Q: I have files in my git repository that I would like to exclude from the statistics, how do I do that? A: At the moment the only way is to use git-filter-branch(1) to create a temporary repository and generate the statistics from that. AUTHORS
gitstats was written by Heikki Hokkanen and others. See the git repository at for an up-to-date full list of contributors. WWW SEE ALSO
git(1) 2012.05.28 2012-05-28 GITSTATS(1)
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