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ORCAHOBBIT(1)						      General Commands Manual						     ORCAHOBBIT(1)

orcahobbit - Xymon client utility to grab data from ORCA SYNOPSIS
orcahobbit --orca=PREFIX [options] NOTICE
This utility is included in the client distribution for Xymon 4.2. However, the backend module to parse the data it sends it NOT included in Xymon 4.2. It is possible to use the generic Xymon NCV data handler in hobbitd_rrd(8) to process ORCA data, if you have an urgent need to do so. DESCRIPTION
orcahobbit is an add-on tool for the Xymon client. It is used to grab data collected by the ORCA data collection tool (, and send it to the Xymon server in NCV format. orcahobbit should run from the client hobbitlaunch(8) utility, i.e. there must be an entry in the clientlaunch.cfg(5) file for orcahobbit. OPTIONS
--orca=PREFIX The filename prefix for the ORCA data log. Typically this is the directory for the ORCA logs, followed by "orcallator". The actual filename for the ORCA logs include a timestamp and sequence number, e.g. "orcallator-2006-06-20-000". This option is required. --debug Enable debugging output. SEE ALSO
xymon(7), clientlaunch.cfg(5) Xymon Version 4.2.3: 4 Feb 2009 ORCAHOBBIT(1)

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HOBBITCLIENT.CFG(5)						File Formats Manual					       HOBBITCLIENT.CFG(5)

hobbitclient.cfg - Xymon client environment variables DESCRIPTION
Xymon programs use multiple environment variables beside the normal set of variables. For the Xymon client, the environment definitions are stored in the ~xymon/client/etc/hobbitclient.cfg file. Each line in this file is of the form NAME=VALUE and defines one environment variable NAME with the value VALUE. SETTINGS
BBDISP The IP-address used to contact the Xymon server. Default: Chosen when the Xymon client was compiled. BBDISPLAYS List of IP-adresses of Xymon servers. Data will be sent to all of the servers listed here. This setting is only used if BBDISP= BBPORT The portnumber for used to contact the Xymon server. Default: 1984. BBHOME The Xymon client top-level directory. Default: The $HOBBITCLIENTHOME setting inherited from the "" script which starts the Xymon client. BBCLIENTLOGS The directory for the Xymon clients' own logfiles. Default: $BBHOME/logs BBTMP Directory used for temporary files. Default: $BBHOME/tmp/ BB Full path to the bb(1) client program. Default: $BBHOME/bin/bb. Commands Many extension scripts expect a series of environment variables to point at various system utilities. These are included in the file when the client is built. INHERITED SETTINGS
Some environment variables are inherited from the "" script which launches the Xymon client: MACHINEDOTS The hostname of the local system. Default: Taken from "uname -n". MACHINE The hostname of the local system, with dots replaced by commas. For compatibility with Big Brother extension scripts. BBOSTYPE The operating system of the local system, in lowercase. Default: taken from "uname -s". HOBBITCLIENTHOME The top-level directory for the Xymon client. Default: The location of the "" script. SEE ALSO
xymon(7) Xymon Version 4.2.3: 4 Feb 2009 HOBBITCLIENT.CFG(5)
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