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onevm(1) [debian man page]

ONEVM(1)					  onevm(1) -- manages OpenNebula virtual machines					  ONEVM(1)

onevm command [args] [options] OPTIONS
-m, --multiple x Instance multiple VMs -x, --xml Show the resource in xml format -n, --numeric Do not translate user and group IDs -k, --kilobytes Show units in kilobytes -t, --type type Type of the new Image -l, --list x,y,z Selects columns to display with list command -d, --delay x Sets the delay in seconds for top command -v, --verbose Verbose mode -h, --help Show this message -V, --version Show version and copyright information COMMANDS
o create file Creates a new VM from the given template file. This command bypasses the Template pool, which is the preferred way to instantiate new VMs. See 'onetemplate create' and 'onetemplate instantiate' valid options: multiple, xml, numeric, kilobytes o delete range|vmid_list Deletes the given VM States: ANY o hold range|vmid_list Sets the given VM on hold. A VM on hold is not scheduled until it is released. It can be, however, deployed manually; see 'onevm deploy' States: PENDING o release range|vmid_list Releases a VM on hold. See 'onevm hold' States: HOLD o saveas vmid diskid img_name Sets the specified VM disk to be saved in a new Image. The Image is created inmediately, but the contents are saved only if the VM is shut down gracefuly (i.e., using 'onevm shutdown' and not 'onevm delete') States: ANY valid options: type o shutdown range|vmid_list Shuts down the given VM. States: RUNNING o reboot range|vmid_list Reboots the given VM, this is equivalent to execute the reboot command from the VM console. States: RUNNING o deploy range|vmid_list hostid Deploys the given VM in the specified Host. This command forces the deployment, in a standard installation the Scheduler is in charge of this decision States: PENDING o livemigrate range|vmid_list hostid Migrates the given running VM to another Host without downtime States: RUNNING o migrate range|vmid_list hostid Saves the given running VM and starts it again in the specified Host States: RUNNING o restart range|vmid_list Forces a re-deployment of the given VM, issuing a boot action. States: UNKNOWN, BOOT o resubmit range|vmid_list Resubmits the VM to PENDING state. This is intented for VMs stuck in a transient state. To re-deploy a fresh copy of the same VM, create a Template and instantiante it, see 'onetemplate instantiate' States: ANY, except SUSPENDED or DONE o cancel range|vmid_list Cancels the given VM. The process is checked by OpenNebula, so if the process fails the VM remains in running state. If the action succeeds the VMDIR in the remote machine is not deleted States: RUNNING o stop range|vmid_list Stops a running VM. The VM state is saved and transferred back to the front-end along with the disk files States: RUNNING o suspend range|vmid_list Saves a running VM. It is the same as 'onevm stop', but the files are left in the remote machine to later restart the VM there (i.e. the resources are not freed and there is no need to re-schedule the VM). States: RUNNING o resume range|vmid_list Resumes the execution of the a saved VM States: STOPPED, SUSPENDED o chgrp range|vmid_list groupid Changes the VM group o chown range|vmid_list userid [groupid] Changes the VM owner and group o chmod range|vmid_list octet Changes the VM permissions o list [filterflag] Lists VMs in the pool valid options: list, delay, xml, numeric, kilobytes o show vmid Shows information for the given VM valid options: xml o top [filterflag] Lists Images continuously valid options: list, delay, xml, numeric, kilobytes ARGUMENT FORMATS
o file Path to a file o range List of id's in the form 1,8..15 o text String o hostid OpenNebula HOST name or id o groupid OpenNebula GROUP name or id o userid OpenNebula USER name or id o vmid OpenNebula VM name or id o vmid_list Comma-separated list of OpenNebula VM names or ids o filterflag a, all all the known VMs m, mine the VM belonging to the user in ONE_AUTH g, group 'mine' plus the VM belonging to the groups the user is member of uid VM of the user identified by this uid user VM of the user identified by the username LICENSE
OpenNebula 3.4.1 Copyright 2002-2012, OpenNebula Project Leads ( Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at April 2012 ONEVM(1)
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